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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 28, 2003 || 1:08 pm

Every family has token words and catch-phrases.

Here, for your quick delight, is a rundown of some of the Superior family ‘insides’. Some early readers may recognize a few….

Prettiful: something at the pinnacle of breath-taking splendor

Peeka: pizza

Fewfings: what you run to the grocery store to procure

“Yay, team!”: the Superior rallying cry, a nod (certainly with a hint of sarcasm) to/at my days as a ta-ta pompon shaker

Cuhmonica: harmonica

The MadKiss: a rubbery, dry, flat-lipped, no-feeling kiss; done as a joke when one of us is mock-mad at t’other

FarmerJohn Cheese: you mortals call it ‘Parmesan’, how droll

Girdle: someone of the femalish persuasion

Corch: what’s just beyond your front door.

Taco Bell: any gigantic clanging apparatus

Pepper Only: a pizza topping; round, spicy, greasy

FiftyHundred: the greatest unit of numerical measurement in the Whole Entire Worldtm

That’s A Darn It: term applied to situations of much suckitude

Seasick: any form of motion sickness, most especially car sickness

Jackhammerin’ the Enamel: talking quickly and/or excessively

Dirtybitch: pet name or insult (depends on the situation)

Smelly Hippie: most of Maxim’s friends from teenagehood

Hightar: guitar

Cunkulator: a (usually) small piece of electronic machinery that is (usually) portable and employed mainly in various and sundry mathematical calculations (also is handy for showing your friends the calculator-word ‘boobless’ circa third grade).

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  1. Gary 10.28.2003

    If I read between the lines correctly, the only time you were boobless was pre-third grade.

  2. Sgt. Mac 10.28.2003

    Family Catch Words

    Tunacaaan: Where the tuna resides

    MooJuice: Any kind of milk, or Elmers glue

    Upacrick: Literaly upacrick, as in fishin’ or when your in a spot you can’t get outa’

    Rurlegsapaintedon: An expression of bitchiness, which asks why in the hell you can’t get up and get it yourself.

    heyolman/heyolady: Term of endearment or slight of ones age.

    gimmiepaper aka Buttwipes: Bathroom term

    Bouttime: An expression of dissatisfaction with the amount of time it takes one to do something.

    winetit/lilbitch/misspillsalot: A Three year old

    Holyterror/torandokid: Two year old

    rumpleforskin: Two day old baby boy

    asswiper: big black lab dog who wipes ass on carpet

    kingshit: Bearded Collie who sits in my chair

    nutbuster: Pet Squirrel, also what grandkids do to me daily, with large toy hammer.

    comeoooooon! I’m, ready, get your ass in gear.

  3. Patti 10.29.2003

    The only words that come to mind from around here…

    Pantycakes – pancakes

    Dabbies – batteries

    Temper tampon – the fit a two year old throws

    Oh, and “doojsh” – similar to the sound something makes when running into a wall. Use: Your such a a “doojsh” – meaning – something that would run into walls repeatedly.

  4. Jett 10.29.2003


    Who the fuck gets up at five-thirty??

    Gary: you MUST have read the archives, because I did indeedy receive breasts ’round about third grade. They were first prize in the school spelling bee.

  5. Jett 10.29.2003

    And I nearly forgot…

    Sgt. Mac, it’s about time you buried that fucking hammer in the backyard, son.

  6. sugarmama 10.29.2003


    55378008 = 7911144 * 7.

    I learned a lot of important stuff in grade school!

  7. Sgt. Mac 10.29.2003

    I got rid of the hammer, but yesterday it was a purse full of books….Yikes!

  8. unxmaal 10.29.2003



  9. Patti: Round HERE we call pancakes ‘paint-axe.’

    Jett: Amazing post most most excellent indeed. My favourite bit was Farmer John Cheese. I’m gonna start using that everywhere I go. From one fan of words to another, I congratulate you. (THIRD GRADE?!?) (sorry, had to add that in…)

  10. Angel 10.29.2003

    I, too, was thoroughly entertained by Farmer John Cheese. Due to non-creativity, I will be stealing Farmer John Cheese and using it for myself… Many people will laugh and think I’m funny. And that’s the way it should be. Thanks!

  11. Jett 10.29.2003

    You people!

    It’s FarmerJohn Cheese. No space! NOOO SPAAACE!!


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