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Have I ever mentioned that waking before six ay emm makes me incredibly nauseous? That, and oysters, but I’ve not eaten oysters in years.

Bleh. BLEH!

Mathias, who ran a very scarily high fever all yesterday and slept like a rock for much of it, is feeling much better now, thanks. Getting-up-at-four-ay-emm better, as a matter of fact. He keeps running in here during commercials to proffer up pithy conversation to me, Resident Zombie

Mommy, I hadda popseekle; I got one whenna doctah poke my fingah and i say ‘ow’ annit bweed.

(yeah, I was there, puddin’) and to wrap his arms about my neck, kissing my cheek fiercely. I don’t deny him his shows of affection (“Thank you for not letting me die in my hour of neeeeeed, mother!”), but I can’t help but chant a somewhat liturgical mantra both to myself and the Almighty:

I won’t get sick. I won’t get sick. Please don’t let me get sick; I have a ton of tests this week!

Since you’re here, I’m assuming you don’t have much to do, so let’s dabble in linkage this early, early (so early and painful!) Sunday morn.

The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus. I haven’t the words.

Don’t go around maligning the neighboring farm’s peas, don’t defame their corn! At least in Alabama, anyway. There’re laws ’bout that sort of thing.

I’m truly torn on this one. Part of me’s all, “Oooooooh, sah-WEEEET,” and the other part is like, “Get a grip, sister, you poseur dorkwad.” Maybe it’s just that guy’s goofily-cut soul patch, because ’sweet’ is sorta winning out.

Relevant or Irrelevant? is the coolest blogconcept I’ve seen in some time, especially in light of the last post. Proper hero-worship allus wins points, in my book.

Take THAT, pesky vegans!

Speaking of pesky vegans, you are totally missing out on a good time if you’ve not yet caught ‘Surviving Nugent‘ on the telly. Sarah and her histrionics are almost as entertaining as the Motor City Madman himself. I wish I’d've known about this show while they were casting! TED FUCKING NUGENT braising wild boar for me? Waking me in the morning by making his guitar wail the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ at teeth-grinding decibels? Daily nonsensical Mayhemian Pursuitstm? I would be SO there! I’d have to bust that rude, illiterate Big Jim fucker square on the kisser, however: “Jim, meet Jett’s boot.”

Catholic Fingerbanging: defies explanation, sort of. However, best quote of the week goes to Spike:

Its FRIDAY and that means I have an unusual craving for fried fish dipped in beer batter…


These are entirely gorgeous. I love it when there is a marriage of art and wearability. I’m especially enamoured of the ‘Greenman’ and the ‘Phoenix’ models.

The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Viva la Gorey!

I can tell by looking at you that some singing horses are in order. hint: after they load fully, click each dorky-looking critter to turn on and off

How Much Is Inside….I love that place!

There are more, but I’ve simply run out of steam. Have a goodun.

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  1. Sgt. Mac 10.12.2003

    I read the cartoon, but didn’t find it entertaining. Al Franken was good on SNL, but when bashing the bushes he flies off in a spew of hatemongering, which I find sickening.

    Laws….I can’t read this stuff anyomore. Something about a government employee sending me procedures for my work from the Federal Register once…..Where can I fnd a translator?

    Torn on this one….

    I didn’t know Dr. Spock had returned!….Holy shades of the Earl of Ears

    Relevant or Irrelvant Blog…The whole blog is Irrilvant(sic)

    Sasskatoon….My kind of shirt!!!

    Mr. Nugent…The man….A hunter, my kind of guy….Just cuaght a glimpse of this the other night for a few, something about breaking an arrow, giving it some young gal and banishing her from the group….Looked interesting..

    CF…What can I say…

    Jett and Phoenix mask…So cool!

    Gashley Crumbs…Sick and Funny as hell at the same time…My fav. F is for Fanny sucked dry by a leach, B is Basil, assaluted by bears…ROFLMAO

    How Much is Insdie…Another good one J….I like the one of the expanding foam…Think I will get some and make a mummy for my hounted house, LOL

    Holy Horse manure, I think I pooped my pants…;)

  2. G. Oldielocks 10.12.2003

    I completely detest peas, but it’s good to know that I need to keep that to myself next time I visit Alabama.

    Jack Black was Great. Justin Timberlake was ok-I liked the bit with Kermit the Sock.

    I’m actually going to Saskatoon next week!

    Where do you find these, Jett?

  3. Gary 10.13.2003

    As usual Al has it upside down and grins in that, “I am an idiot and so proud of it” way. So called supply side economics works every time it is tried and the socialists like Franken can’t argue the facts so the resort to hyperbole and erecting strawmen to attack. I read an article in our paper a few days ago where 3 senators asked for tax breaks for industries in their districts. Their arguement was: 1. Lower taxes will keep the businesses open, 2. The businesses will employ their constituents, 3. That will keep other businesses open, 4. That will bring in more tax money and 5. That will help everyone. The shocking part is all three senators are Democrats who curse tax cuts in the news sound bites but behind the scenes they have to admit they are good for the economy. Franken is usually wrong so I am not surprised that this is in his book.

  4. The high praise (coming from you) actually means something. The blog exists for minds like yours, not “I just don’t get it, the whole blog is irrilvant [sic]” aol users. Greetings and thanks to Alabama from Los Angeles. Having a wonderful here, wish you were time.

  5. Jett 10.14.2003

    Dearest RorI,

    Welcome aboard. I am pleased as fucking punch to bestow the grand and high title of ‘Superior Muffinass’ upon you. The locals don’t bite, but they just may put their finger(s) in your drink.

    Your delightful hostess with beer and sausages to spare,


  6. Dearest Jett Superior,

    I continue to be honored, a mutual admiration society. The obvious comment “your whole blog is irrelevant” is right there on a silver platter and precisely the point. People who get it don’t post that comment; people who don’t get it and do post that comment are, to say the least, no fun (and irrelevant). And that’s — okay. :-)


    Relevant or Irrelevant?


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