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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 21, 2003 || 3:02 pm

hum along with mee-eeee….

Despite the fact that Richard D. Bartlett (also affectionately known as Wretched Dee Cutlet) pokes hatefully at me sometimes (I reckon it as akin to pulling pigtails on the playground), we have some very spiffy late-night chats.

The other night consisted of “you should hear this song” and “fucking AIM file transfer” and “my computer is arse” and “give it one more go”, which ultimately led to “you know how to ftp?” which ultimately led to this, a delightful sampling of near-and-dear songs that maybe, just maybe (if you are smart and hip and cool and tuned-in like a motherfucker) you might like if you give them a listen-through. Enjoy!

(more added daily. kinda.)

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  1. Johnny T 10.21.2003

    I tried to listen but it wouldn’t work.

  2. Jett 10.21.2003

    hmm, I seem to have a bit of difficulty, as well, on everything but the .wma tracks.

    it just takes a bit on the .mp3s; be patient.

  3. Richard D. Bartlett 10.22.2003

    I’m slowly getting a mirror site up.

    though I consistently get 20Kb/s, don’t see what the trouble is.

  4. Sgt. Mac 10.22.2003

    I got to say, I thougharly enjoyed some of Richards music. For some reason the mellow tunes of Muttonbirds sooth my soul…Look forward to more…

    Did have some trouble with the downloads..

  5. Richard D. Bartlett 10.22.2003

    seems to be the whole Northern Hemishphere.

    you have 3 options: go to Denmark, go to New Zealand (you can stay at mine), or click on “Mirror” for the occaisonal song that is mirrored on my faster, smaller server.


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