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I have to title this poem, but I have to say ‘eff you’ to Wretched Dee first for making fun of me in my title implementation.

So, now–

We are not what we once were

Then there was no fear, no conscious effort

We could just hold hands and stare


You used to stop the words at my lips

Today they are like pebbles in my mouth

But I cannot spit them out

Rolling them there smooth and heavy


You could pull open my jaw,

Digging into the flesh of my cheeks

Poke your fingers in there

Clumsily extracting the rocks, disgusted


Saliva and my heart spilling all across

My chin and your palms

I can still picture cleanly

The way the one used to hold the other, both upturned


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  1. Wretched Dee 10.9.2003

    a) eff is not a word

    2) I couldn’t be more honoured

    iii) I take back all those nice things I ever said about you. All of them.

  2. Jett 10.9.2003

    I can’t even keep ONE ‘mint’??!

    Even though your pout is tasty, be a sport, pal.

  3. Gary 10.9.2003

    A straight-up allusion if I ever read one. The heart is an upturned vessel; all the better to hold our emotions. The mouth is frequently a down turned vessel; all the better to pour out our emotions. Some times we have to have the emotions pried out of the mouth before our own personal truths can be known. Known not only to others but sometimes to us. Turn you vessel over Jett…spill it out…let the sound of your voice reinforce the truths in your heart.

  4. Mace 10.9.2003

    psst…I am peeking in again. Actualy I have been to your blog a few times before so I figured I would blogroll it so I wouldn’t forget about it again.


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