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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 22, 2003 || 10:05 am

I thought of you, and they tell me that’s what counts.

MAXIM: I saw a shirt that was very you today.

JETT: Yeah?

MAXIM: Yeah. It said, ‘PUNK IS IN MY PANTS’.

JETT: Right on….why didn’t you buy it?

MAXIM: Because somebody was wearing it!

JETT: I don’t see how that has one thing to do with your procuring it for me, Maxim.

[MAXIM gathers car keys]

MAXIM: Come the fuck on, girl.

JETT: Where we going?

MAXIM: To buy a pack of wifebeaters and a big-ass magic marker.

JETT: Just get me a sharpie, cheapo! I’ll write it on my forehead.

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  1. Gary 10.22.2003

    Some days it “is’ the thought that counts. My wife and I were newlyweds and unencumbered money was hard to come by. It was the day before my birthday and we had no extra cash for a present or even a card. We went to Krogers to try to stretch the food budget as far as we could. We became separated and when I found her she was looking at birthday cards. I told her not to even think about buying or stealing that card. I proceeded to read it and it was a sweet card with a lot of “Honey’s” and “Best Husband’s” and “Gift from God’s” in it but we still couldn’t afford it so I thnaked her, told her it was perfect and that I was saving us $2.99 and with that put it back in the rack. Then, right there in the middle of Krogers I gave her a big wet-one and grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against me for good measure. From then on for the next few years we made a big production of going to a card shop, looking for just the right card and giving it to the other and telling them its the one we “would” have bought. The recipient would read the card and put it back and we would go off happy with the holiday requirement having been satisfied. After a few years we quit and began actually buying cards for each other but in many ways I liked it better the old, broke-assed way. Those are fun memories of an otherwise challenging time in our lives.

    If this spill is too long,



  2. MaC 10.22.2003

    we stick to the fun little label-maker where I’m from.

  3. melly 10.23.2003

    Don’t get me started on my future iron-on letters project.

    And remind me to tell you about,”Magic lips, don’t fail me now!”

  4. RAD. Maxim’s a pretty cool dude.


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