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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 16, 2003 || 9:34 pm

It’s a brand new day. Er, even though it’s over and all.

I feel better.

I attribute this to the fact that I wore my socks with the bumblebees on them today.

While I’m a wee bit nervous about the Anatomy Lab exam yesterday (she threw a couple curveballs at us; DAMNIT!), I slam-dunked today’s chem midterm.

My kid hit a kid so hard at the ballgame tonight that I could have sworn both their pads cracked in two; both boys went flying ass-over-teakettle but my son was the first one up, bouncing on the balls of his feet, flailing in my direction.

“DID YOU SEE THAT, MOMMA!??” he hollered, making the daddies that lined the fence laugh. Mommas are in the stands when boys look up, you know, just to make sure we’re there (like a touchstone or sommat), but we are Generally Not Acknowledged during a game. ‘Twas a sweet moment, one to file away in the keepsake part of my brain.

Speaking of keepsakes, I’ma have a block of time this weekend all to myself, something that is very much a rarity these days. I believe I’ll craft some new cigar box purses (forgive the photos, they’re ass because I snapped them with a disposable camera while waiting on a replacement for my broke-ass digital one last fall) as my inventory is sorely loooooow and so is my bank account. I’ve got to plump up things in order to start Christmas shopping for the Superior Trinity….if you’d like one, drop me an e-mail and we can discuss; they make super-cool gifts. Jane (formerly of Escribitionist fame) and reader Suzanne Atlanta each bought one from me last year and by all accounts they were big hits. I have a couple that I carry m’self and I get positive reactions/comments on them alla time. Let’s make a deal, baby.

That’s about it. I’m tired. Good night, Cyberians.

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  1. Patti 10.17.2003

    Did you see that, Momma?

    Yer making me cry…. stop that. I miss my little boys. *sniff* Why’d they hafta grow up and be big? *sniff sniff*

  2. Richard D. Bartlett 10.17.2003

    dear America

    learn how to play football without pads

    with love,

    the southern hemisphere

  3. Gary 10.17.2003

    Great post Jett and congrats on the chem mid-term. Now we can set up that Meth Lab.

    But seriously folks (Appologies to Bob Hope), I watched a softball game last summer in what is called the Challenger League. It is a league for kids with disablities. Parents help kids bat and run the bases. Some in wheelchairs get pushed around the basepaths. It is really uplifting to see them having so much fun. One play stands out in my memory. A boy ran forward to catch a ground ball that had come to a complete stop about 10 feet from the batter. One parent is helping the batter begin an ever so slow run to first and the fielder is charging the ball just like a big leaguer would when he stumbled and fell. I don’t mean he just hit the ground. I mean he fell hard, his face making first contact with the ground. Almost immediately the parents in the field ran to his aid and in the stands hands involuntarily flew up coving open mouths and one lone voice in the crowd said a very painful, “Oh, Jesus.” Then, in total amazement, we saw that boy jump to his feet almost as fast as he fell, his nose and mouth bleeding and dirt force-fed into every pore of his face and he turned toward the stands and locked eyes with his mother and yelled, “I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay.” And then just a quickly as he fell and arose he began looking for that softball and when he found it he raised it above his head as high and as proud as if it had been the World Series Trophy.

    If there was a dry eye at that field it was only the kids because every adult I saw (through the mist inexplicably forming in my own eyes) had tears of joy for a boy who had just won a game, the rule to which none of the able-bodied of us could ever begin to fully understand.

  4. John 10.17.2003

    Oh come on now Richard, it’s like Lacross. Armored warriors do battle. Heck it becomes obvious why you wear padding real quick if you ever played without, especially on astroturf.

  5. G. Oldielocks 10.17.2003

    I need to find my socks with pumpkins on them since I only feel even somewhat comfortable wearing them during this month.

    Those cigar box purses are way cool and great looking! What’s the price range?

  6. Dear Northern Hemispherians,

    Continue writing genius, like “Generally Not Acknowledged” and we’ll continue to grit our teeth through your wussiness.

    Much love,

    Daniel B. McClelland

  7. Jett 10.18.2003

    Dear Boys From NZ Whom I Adore,

    I’ll go bareknuckles with ya anytime. Wussiness my ass.

    Smilingly but seriously,

    Jett byGod Superior

    …and GeeOldie, it depends on what materials go into a bag. E-mail me and we’ll discuss, dollface.

    Patti….you can have mine for a bit. No, really. You can.

    John….when playing soccer on it, we referred to it as ‘ouchtroturf’. Sliding tackles were hazardous.

  8. melly 10.19.2003

    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLAMDUNK!!!!!!!!!



  9. Bob 10.20.2003

    Dear Southern Hemipherians,

    We choose to keep our noses in the center of our faces, hence the use of a helmet with a facemask. We choose to kick our oblong shaped balls from a tee, not running from a bunch of crooked nosed opponents. We choose to pass our oblong shaped balls forward, instead of sideways, makes getting to the goal a wee bit more efficient. We choose to drug test our atheletes rather than let them drink during the game.

    If that makes us wussies, please join me in a game. I promise you, you will ask to be padded after the first snap of the ball, if you are conscious.



    PS All in good fun!

  10. HAHAHA.


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