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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 31, 2003 || 12:33 am

MacGyver It, round two

A knitting needle, a tube of toothpaste and a peach pit….MacGyver it!

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  1. Crazy Lady 10.31.2003

    Why is it both times you’ve done this, everything that comes to mind for me has some kind of vaginal/rectal use? I’m with holding my participation until I’ve had time to check with a psychologist.

  2. Gary 10.31.2003

    Squirt most of toothpaste into a pile and use a small amount to glue peach pit to the knitting needle.

    Use remainder on toothpaste to sculpt small human figures.

    Place knitting needle/peach pit combo vertically in middle of toothpaste pile and place human figures around knitting needle.

    Allow to harden.

    There you have it…the Marines raising the American flag on Iwo Jima.

    Sell it on ebay

  3. Leslie 10.31.2003

    Punch a hole in the bottom of the toothpaste, clearing as much of the sticky content inside on the ground/tabletop/whereever. In the open hole, place the peach pit in the large opening and the knitting needle in the small end (with force). Voila! A peach pit mini cannon. But wait theres more! When you have used your peach pit and you still need ammo you can take a hunk of the toothpaste, rolling it up into a ball, stuff it into the open end of the toothpaste container and VOILA! more ammo.

  4. G. Oldielocks 10.31.2003

    Sounds like the makings of a pretty interesting Halloween costume.

  5. Johnny T 10.31.2003

    Use the knitting needle to break open the peach pit. Get the little peach seed inside the pit. Grind it up with the needle. Add toothpaste. Now you got a plastic explosive since the unstable compound of K3F4 in the toothpaste becomes unstable when mixed with the C2PT2 from the peach seed.

  6. Joe 10.31.2003

    Happy Halloween! My favorite MacGyver episode is the one where he made a condom from duct tape and cellophane. I don’t think him using WD40 as lubricant was a good idea though…

  7. ali 10.31.2003

    Happy Hallowed Weenie!

  8. Hablogger 10.31.2003

    Using the peach pit, grind half the knitting needle into powder.This will probably take most people six years, but you will be able to do it in about 39 seconds. Distribute a thick bead of toothpaste around the deadbolt, chain, nuclear device, evil despot or whatever today’s episode presents as “the challenging obstacle du jour”. Make sure you use ALL of the toothpaste. Sprinkle the metal dust on the toothpaste, taking care to squinch one’s eyes and hold one’s mouth “just so” to make the process look extremely difficult. Appear rushed for time. Jam the remaining portion of the knitting needle in the toothpaste. Wait for the inevitable lightning bolt to ignite the toothpaste alloy and turn said obstacle into a pile of molten slag. Use the empty dentrifice tube as an insulator to gingerly move aside the still-smouldering lock/chain/door/body, and move surreptisiously off camera. Take the peach pit home to the kids as a souvenir.

  9. amateurs

    for one thing, in the middle of every peach pit is a small quantity of pottasium cyanide. Seriously.

    With toothpaste, cyanide, a sturdy shell, and a knitting needle (read dentist’s prodding implement, you obviously have the makings of one of those swanky suicide tooth cap deals.

  10. Sgt. Mac 11.1.2003

    I thought this too silly to respond too, but hey I got time on my hands today..

    Balancing the needle on the peach pit, dab a glob of toothpaste on each end, and a larger glob on the center.

    Press the center glob into the palm of your left hand, with the ends protruding slightly to either end.

    Approach your enemy calmy by introducing yourself and extending your hand in greeting. When victim extends his/her hand, bypass the handshake, grab them behind the scruff of the neck, pulling their head forward.

    At the same time, raise your left hand, open palm and jam double gobs of toothpaste into victims eyes blinding them with Crest.

    You may add a kick to the groin or a Karate chop to complete the move.

  11. Sgt. Mac 11.1.2003

    PS: By the way, you can put the Peach Pit on your mantle as a trophy of your dasterdly deed, use the rest of the toothpaste for personal hygeine, and give the knitting needle to your grandmother to finish the ugly ass shawl she is working on for your twentieth birthday.

  12. gjoe 11.1.2003

    I totally can’t believe that no one got this do-it-yourself hoosenflopper. You take the peach pit and cut it into 4 pieces using the toothpaste as a saw. Then take the cap from the toothpaste, wrap it around the sewing needle. Place them in a snarflegog and run your fingers around the cresorqualley until it gets dizzy. Dip the whole thing in a flour-and-orange-juice slurry and deglaze with a cantaloupe sauce, and PRESTO!

    Hosenflopper for everyone!

  13. The Dane 11.1.2003

    First, you eat the peach pit. Now, using your mouth, you eat the needle. Third, using your right hand, squeeze all the tooth paste into your left hand. Rub this paste thoroughly into your right inner thigh. And lastly, using again your mouth, eat the remaining tooth paste tube. Congratulation MacGyver, you are now Jett Superior on a Saturday night!


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