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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 29, 2003 || 8:20 pm

Martha Stewart Hyperdrive

I just spent the evening making sixty of these with the interference help of four little hands (two belonging to Scout and two to Mathias):

Oh yeah?? Let’s see you make little lollipop ghosties attached to scrap pieces of matboard, motherfucker!

No, I’m not out to help my kids win some popularity contest.

I’m out to help them win some popularity contest AND obliterate the lame, inept competition!

Okay, I’m kidding.

Currently I’ve got my piehole wrapped around some wax lips. Remember those? They’re AWESOME, even now, when I’m by all rights and means supposed to be a grownelly-up.

But they’re nowhere NEAR as good as the real ones I fricasseed up for dinner earlier.

There’s that kidding-thing again.

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  1. Gary 10.30.2003

    I remember those wax lips and was teeth too. We had hard candy, bubble gum and chocolate cigarettes as well. I recall those small wax bottles with sickningly sweet liquid in them. I miss Pixie-stix and baseball card with gum in them. I miss Clove gum and liquorice whips. Now I know why there are dentists on every other corner.

    Why did we have to grow up?

  2. J2 10.30.2003

    Popularity contest? Anyone who is handing out lollipop ghost is bad ass in my book. And most certainly popular.

    Boo! And all.

  3. waistdog 10.30.2003

    I wear my wax moustache and teeth all the time.

    I’ve tried wearing the lips too…..but it’s hard to keep it all together.

  4. Sgt. Mac 10.30.2003

    I’m with Gary on this Wax trip. My fav were the waxy bottles of godawful liquid. (They even came in a sixpac!)

    Not sure bout the choclate ciggies, we had some kind of sic mint flavored stick of death with the red tip…(Acutally came in a hard cardboard ciggie pac)….Was really cool until I imitated the ol’ man with the ciggie stickin out the side of his mouth in front of momma…

    Ballooka Joe Bubbllegum that nlcuded a cartoon with every pac, that fizzy stuff in a Koolaid looking pac that made your cheeks swell…

    …Of course the waxy lips thang, and best of all the “Good & Plenties” those licorice coated red and black hard candies…

  5. sugarmama 10.30.2003

    Ha. You kill me.

  6. Johnny T 10.31.2003

    Fricasseed is a great word.

    I like the image of a fricasseed chicken, sort of like a white trash delight.

    Really, I don’t know what fricasseed is. I just remember it from Bugs Bunny cartoons and it always seemed a sort of white trash delight. At least that is what the context implied to my 7 year old mind.


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