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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 8, 2003 || 1:04 pm

New and improved…NOW WITH TITLES!

I’ve been thinking about something lately.

Imagine that.

I’ve seen several webloggers say that their ‘one-hundred things’ was/is a difficult task. And you know, I totally buy that. I totally buy it because so few people really, really know themselves. Or, for that matter, want to. They’re afraid of the broken stuff on the inside, of the icky stuff, of the scary stuff. And good LORD, write about it, even in a cursory, passing fashion? Yeah, right.

Me? I want to be personally acquainted with each and every one of my flaws so as not to be shocked, dismayed or (Heaven Forbid) hurt when someone else points them out to me. I’m about as fucked-up a person you could ever know. I’m the first person that will tell you that. But you know, I’d re-sole your shoes with my favorite leather coat if that’s what you needed. I’ll hold your hand and laugh with you, I’ll let you call me and cry like a big ole titty baby, I will pet you and curse your enemies.

But I’m the girl you can consult if those enemies get to be too much. I’m your gal if you want to know Fifty Ways To Ruin Their Weekend And Perhaps The Rest Of Their Lives. I’m the girl who can teach you how to take a punch and still laugh like a fucking idiot despite the snarl under your belly-skin. You know the laugh; you’ve seen it in movies and it fucking scares ‘normal’ people.

My one-hundred came pretty easily, because I just did the stream-of-conciousness thing that I learned in sixth grade writing workshops. Woo, freewriting! Woo, ‘bubbling’! Wooooo0000oooo, non-punctuated, no-holds-barred brainstorming! My one-hundred came pretty easily because I know myself. That one-hundred doesn’t even scratch the surface. I could prolly whip out two-hundred more without busting a sweat, a nut, or even scratching my head. It’s not vanity, it’s self-awareness.

Self-awareness might be scary at first, but it’s a useful tool, one that I highly recommend. Write those one-hundred things, even if you never show them to any of the rest of us. Write them without fear and without judging yourself. Know thyself. Others like you and highly recommend you, why not give yourself the same courtesy? You’ve miles to go and your internal dialogue may be your best anchor and keeper.

pee ess….I really feel like I should apologize for the last entry, so (a first here at [Abuantg.]) d00d, I’m so sorry I posted that long-ass thing for you to slog through!

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  1. new blogathon proj.:

    “1 million things”, a race to write as many things about yourself as possible.

    I reckon I could easy do 500 at a sitting. I could do 100 on the relationship between me and my foreskin for startsers.

  2. yvonne 10.8.2003

    I appreciate this post very much. I do think I could kick your ass when it comes to being a fucked up person though… ;-)

  3. Hatley 10.8.2003

    Don’t have anything to add, just sayin allo!

  4. trouble 10.8.2003

    ive spent the last four years working very vigorously at getting screwed up. its had some measures of success, but i still cannot write a song.

  5. Jett 10.8.2003

    See, trouble, there’s your problem. You can’t consciously WORK at being fucked up; it has to be effortless before the songs pour forth.

    I have lyrics all day long if you have solid music.

    …and Wretchedee, what IS this fascination with your foreskin?

    Yvonne….psssh. You know not of what you speak, girl.


  6. i thought I was flirting

  7. John 10.8.2003

    I must resist 100 things. I can’t explain my aversion to weblog memes.

  8. MaC 10.8.2003

    I misread the “L” In titles… I was very excited… and then I re-read it, and I was very sad.

  9. Joe 10.8.2003

    It’s true, we are all fucked up. I think that is what keeps me from going crazy in the long run, I know I’m fucked up, but then again I quite enjoy it.

  10. Allan 10.9.2003

    you know what,

    I know myself well enough to know that I cant be bothered worrying about a “one hundred things”

    ignorance is bliss.

  11. Jett 10.9.2003

    Well then, Alan, maybe I should be sparing the words and posting things like, I dunno, pictures of my arsecrack posed in front of a picture window.

    Darling, in your rush to be cheeky, you missed the point entirely. >:O)

  12. John 10.9.2003

    Actually, I lied. it’s not so much that I’m adverse to them as that they don’t really fit into what I tend to work at. Of course, that’s something that shifts all the time. The current course seems towards long speculative pieces that are pretty much purely for my own benefit and are more like a substitute for writing in the margins of what I’m currently reading.

  13. Jett 10.9.2003

    And I say bully for you, Mister Worthy.

  14. Jett 10.9.2003

    How’s that whole ‘mintz proposition’ coming along?

  15. Allan 10.10.2003

    In the pizza shop I work in, when new customers dont understand that it takes 30 minutes to get a pizza, and get slightly annoyed or say stupid things, we usually give them a free piece of cheesecake to keep them comming back.

    its my first time, give me free cheesecake and ignore my point missing. its just more fun that way.

  16. John 10.12.2003

    ixnay with the intsmay OKay?


  17. Jett 10.12.2003

    I forgive you, dear Alan, and the only cheesecake we have around here is discussing John’s bum.

    That do ya? It IS free, after all.


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