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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 14, 2003 || 7:55 am

Oh, for artsakes!

That Dane-person, whipped into a frezy by picketers blocking his attempts at foraging, vidblogs.

Verdict’s in: Tay-staaaay.

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  1. Johnny T 10.14.2003

    Tay-staaaay — a play upon ‘tasty’ and ‘to stay’, I presume. Very positive.

  2. sean 10.14.2003

    I was in a non-confrontational mood Sunday so I didn’t cross the line at the Ralph’s around the corner from where I live. I just went down the block to 7-11 instead for my daily 12-pack of soda.

    I really didn’t want to get agro with a group of (mostly) females for doing really the only option they have. Being unskilled labor in America becomes a shittier and shittier situation every day.

    Still, it wouldn’t have capped my temper if my path was blocked or words were said. It’s their right to protest. It’s my right to ignore the fuck out of them.

  3. Jett 10.14.2003

    seanie, I was exaggerating a wee bit, unnaturally assuming that everyone who visits here ‘knows’ the Dane.

    The Dane never really gets whipped into a frenzy over ANYthing, much less a wee picketline. >:O)

    The way I understand it, though, a picketer DID get up in his face a bit because he went about his shoppingness. Which, as we all know, is very not cool.

  4. John 10.14.2003

    Hmm, I don’t really get how unions are unamerican, but to each their own.

  5. Gary 10.14.2003

    In the past unions were made necessary by the way businesses treated their employees. Over the course of time unions have become as evil as those emplyers were. I have a friend who carries two bullets in his body. Shot by a union activist who thought my friend and his family had no right to mine coal on land the family owned. That is just as bad as what used to be done by businesses. Unions have outlived their usefulness to everyone but a political party. You decide for yourself which one.

  6. John 10.14.2003

    Anecdotes and the corruption of some unions doesn’t kill the idea for me. After all, I could use the same logic of your story, of which I am sorry to hear about, to say that all corporations have outlived their usefulness. All things involving people tend to have their problems. Having those problems does not make something unamerican. I find nothing wrong with the concept of union bargaining power and deplore its abuse as much as the abuse of power by corporations. Clearly, the law should be applied equally to both parties, but is not always the case.

  7. Jett 10.14.2003

    Yeah, but did you guys watch the video?

    You know, the POINT of this whole post?

    Let me make this clear: The discussing is nice. Don’t take this as a cue to put a damper on it.

  8. John 10.15.2003

    I would never get between a man and his alcohol that much is certain.


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