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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 19, 2003 || 1:16 pm

so, yeah.

I was filling out something couple days ago and at one point it asked me to, in a very brief statement, describe myself. I wrote, ‘I am a loving, loyal person with very little patience.’ It came out almost as if someone else was writing it; I don’t know if that means it’s MORE true or LESS true.

Pretty soon I’m going to start a reader quote section, because you people say some incredible things to me in comments, e-mails, in chats and over the phone. Your magic needs to be singled out.

Also, I’m going to set up a (HUGELY VAIN! NO MATTER HOW I STATE IT, IT COMES OFF AS HUGELY VAIN, SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! THE BRUTAL HONESTY YOU ALL SO LOVE TO BLUDGEON ME WITH.) section with things you say about me, New Yawk Times-style:

“I give Jett three thumbs up! Don’t ask where I got the other thumb from!”
“I’ve never seen someone blog so self-aggrandizingly before. This girl is a marvel. A broken, trainwreck of a marvel, but a marvel nonetheless!”

I’d also like to flesh out the Muffinass Manifesto and Code of Belongingness (sort of an introduction to Muffinassitude, as it were) that was jokingly suggested by Keith a few weeks back. A manual (written in crayon, of course, as all sharp writing implements are frowned on here at The Home For Wayward Weblogging Superstarstm) and a secret handshake may just come out of all of this, you never know.

And MELLY, I got home and of course they had fucked my order up. It worked out well, for Carlito the Smashing Latino Fellow finally knows where I live in case he and I should ever decide to consummate our ferocious desire for one another.

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  1. Richard D. Bartlett 10.19.2003

    that dude wants me too

  2. I second Keith and would like a Superior Muffinass button (linking to your Superiosity) for my blog, please. Thank you.

  3. Jettomatika 10.20.2003

    Of course, Richardee, because it’s common knowledge that we are a tag-team sexual powerhouse.

    (I’ll leave you to cipher whether that was sarcasm or not)

    RorI: there are buttons here, here and here.


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