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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 14, 2003 || 12:14 pm

The one where my son feigns stupidity in order to Facilitate A Want

JETT: …Son, I said maybe.

SAM: Yeah, that’s what I said: Probably.

JETT: Probably and maybe are entirely different animals.

SAM: Maybe means probably…

JETT: No. Miles apart.

SAM: Welllll, I always thought they meant the same thing.

JETT: Nope.

SAM: Maybe means nope?

JETT: It does now.

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  1. Leslie 10.14.2003


    I couldn’t tell ya’ how many times I heard stories like that!

  2. melly 10.14.2003

    When it’s coming from a mom, maybe does mean probably.


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