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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 20, 2003 || 12:17 pm

What, WHAT, huh??

There is someone in the Science Building that is ‘taking care of breakfast’ in the ladies’ loo on the top floor.

I know this because they never, ever flush the results of their self-destructive handiwork after herking in the bowl. I would practice simple avoidance, but

a) I’m one of those gals whose bladder gives no indication whatsoever of an impending tinkle: One minute that sucker’s bone-dry empty and the next it is impossibly full.

b) there’s no predictability (save for timeframe) at all; it’s a bathroom quick-sleight: “Which stall will host the vomitus today? Step right up, your buck gets you ten if you win!”

Look, if you want to empty your innards of your meal’s detritus via Reverse Operations, that’s your prerogative. I don’t necessarily agree with it; I don’t necessarily support this (far-beyond foolish) decision, but I’m not out to target you or those of your ilk. Far be it from me to do so, for I have beams of mine own to extract.

However, if you don’t start flushing afterward and I am forced to continue seeing the remains of your partially-digested Hardee’s breakfast, I’m gonna presume that you wish to be discovered. Therefore, I will stand sentry in that bathroom so as to ask you:

“Just what in the holy fuck are you doing??”

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  1. sugarmama 10.20.2003

    HARDEES? If they are so concerned about their weight, then why not eat an apple and avoid the barfing?

    I’m guessing too, that the non-flushing is a cry for help.

  2. Gary 10.20.2003

    This topic makes me want to puke but its better than going into a public restroom and hear someone pleasuring themselves in the next stall.

  3. Johnny T 10.20.2003

    But what if the perpetrator places a technicolored yawn all over you because you blocked her access to the toilet?

  4. Jett 10.20.2003

    That’s when I ‘break bad’, Barber ole pal.

  5. The more provocative bathroom references on this site, the better I say. I’m still smiling over the ‘urinal discussion.’

  6. the olive 10.20.2003

    please do it

  7. Richard D. Bartlett 10.20.2003

    I can’t condone quoting the KJV and saying ‘holy fuck’ in the same post.

  8. Jett 10.20.2003

    I didn’t quote. I linked.

    Stop being such a farging ninny.

  9. sean 10.20.2003

    Well, at least you don’t have muffuckas coming in and ‘droppin’ a deuce’ so hard it makes the halllway outside the restroom smell like an Alabama outhouse in August.


    it’s going on a week now the phantom shitter has done his dirty work here at Sony. He should hurry up and die already because nothing alive should smell like that.

  10. Hans Dibbler 10.21.2003

    You can read minds??

    so what, I throw up all the time, it’s like a great way to lose weight before a show.

  11. Hoorah for Zoolander quotes!


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