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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 12, 2003 || 10:42 pm

Why do you people allow these things to happen to me?

I want pretzels and there are no pretzels in this house!

Not just any salty treat will do, either. I wants me some pretzels, preferably in little sticklike form.

How in the holy fuck can I be expected to study in these heinous, pretzel-free conditions? I can’t, I tell you, and it’s absolutely preposterous to think otherwise.

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  1. Tina 10.12.2003

    :D Silly…

    But I hear ya those pretzels are rather tastey. Especially with a nice crisp coke to wash ‘em down. Mmm. :( Now I want pretzels too, and alas we have none. Damn! See what you’ve done? I’m going to go sulk now.

  2. Jett 10.12.2003


    What do they puuuut in those things??

  3. melly 10.12.2003

    Dude. You’re knocked up.

  4. Richard D. Bartlett 10.13.2003

    dear chill out,

    love Richard.

  5. waistdog 10.13.2003

    I would offer to bring you pretzles.

    But I’m afraid by the time I got there, I would have eaten them.

  6. P. 10.13.2003

    Just as I suspected – too much studying again. Butter pretzels… mmmmmmm….

  7. Gary 10.13.2003

    Putting anything other than mustard, nacho cheese or Pace Picante on pretzels is unconscionable.

  8. Jett 10.13.2003

    You are so gooood to me, dear Muffinasses. It’s the thought that counts!


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