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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 16, 2003 || 4:44 pm

Because melly needs a laugh:

This is dedicated to her.

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  1. The Llama 11.16.2003
  2. The Llama 11.16.2003

    What I meant to say (moreso than nothing at all) is

    [insert Beavis and Butthead laugh here] but instead I decided to make a tag that read the same.

    No matter. I’m sooo the dude.

  3. MaC 11.17.2003

    you made my crappy morning! Thank you Jett!

  4. Big Poppa Chuck 11.17.2003

    I’m not one to stomach that much profanity, but damn… that was funny.

  5. Wendolene 11.17.2003

    Where on earth did you get that? It reminded me of my friends in junior high.

  6. Jett 11.17.2003

    BPC: welcome! I didn’t think it was funny because of the profanity; his screeching like a harpie girl MADE it.

    Wendy: I dunno where I ran across it, but my Gaaaahd, I laughed.

  7. Sgt. Mac 11.17.2003

    For an even better laugh, check out “Ducks on Crack”

    (First video top of page)


  8. melly 11.17.2003

    I hope that’s not Matt in the future.

    Nah, Matt’s the one shooting.

  9. Bob 11.17.2003

    I thought I destroyed that video long ago….Curse you Jett, for dredging it up to shame once more, or I guess, once more for every person who views it…..dammit…..I’m a loser…

  10. Joe 11.18.2003

    That was pretty funny! Would have been even better if he had fallen into the water!


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