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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 10, 2003 || 10:18 am


Me to theDane:
“Dude, I think I’ve got another layout in the pipeline. A good idea for one, at least.”

TheDane to me:
“Cool. How does Michelle Kwan figure into it?”

Okay, listen up. I can begrudgingly concede to a continuing nod at lobsters, because no matter how I despise them, theDane’s fixation with them is marginally cute. But I can’t bear the burden of displaying a perky Asian ice skater in perpetua. I just cannot!

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  1. Skillzy 11.10.2003

    Another layout? Dang it, I just figured out how to read the comments without detaching my retinas. Hey, if you’re gonna put a skater on, use Katerina Witt instead. Yummay.

  2. Dean 11.10.2003

    Anything perky would work for me. :-)

  3. Jett 11.10.2003


    You people, sheesh!

  4. The Dane 11.10.2003

    Well, she doesn’t have to be skating. You could have her reclining in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform with a slim black cigarette hanging languidly from her pouty bottom lip. On ice.

  5. Richard D. Bartlett 11.10.2003


  6. The Dane 11.10.2003

    puotyBottomsOnIce.com – I’m getting a whole new vision for your site Jetsy.

  7. Bob 11.11.2003

    Dang… I shouldve jumped on that Addy a long time ago!!!! Squatters rule!!!!


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