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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 27, 2003 || 9:32 pm

Givin’ Thanks Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for imbuing me with enough Irish so that, by birthright, I realize the pleasure in a good batch of mashed potatoes.

Thank you for making me Southerin Girl so that, by birthright, I inherently know how to whip up same.

Keep on rockin’ the whole ‘almighty’ thang,
Jett “I’m thankful for everso much more, but I know you’re a busy guy and all” Superior

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  1. batgrl 11.27.2003

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    And now I know I MUST make some mashed potatoes to go with tomorrow’s leftovers…

  2. Jett 11.27.2003

    batty! Happy Thanksgiving, gal!


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