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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 2, 2003 || 6:13 pm

I come by it honest.

This could also be titled ‘No more hand-sewn costumes, EVER!, regardless of how much I love you people.’ Please observe the following:

Mathias: “Wookit my funky hay-udd!” Yes indeedy, young man.

Scout is sporting a hand-sewn vampiress number skillfully whipped up by my mother. Enclosed in the box with it came the following missive:

Dearest Daughter and Granddaughter:

When you really learn to sew you will find that
1) care of your eyes is necessary when you are young if you want to sew on black material when you are old
2) Bangladesh sweatshop knits do not play well with cheap Chinese satins
3) only loving grandmothers would attempt using these (without fittings), but only for Halloween costumes, not for normal occasions…i.e., Sunday School dresses, prom dresses, first trip to the strip club get-ups, etc.

Hope it fits and if it doesn’t Scout please don’t pitch one; Memom tried. Love you!

I got as far as cutting Mathias’ out before muttering ‘FUCKIT’ and shoving it into a bag to take elsewhere and have it sewn. Didn’t I do a beautiful job??

Sam being suitably pre-teen surly. Pffh.

Mathias has the scary thing down pat: “How ’bout I come home with YOU? Grrrr.”

This photo turned out wicked cool.

Giving love to the object from whence all hallowed goodies flow.

And I’m tellin’ ya, if you’ve never taken a bunch of ten- to twelve-year-olds out on a scavenger hunt, you haven’t lived. The boys on my team made me laugh so hard that I hurt the next day. Yes, I’m positive it was them and not all the tequila I consumed at the ‘adult’ festivities later.

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  1. Sgt. Mac 11.2.2003

    Quite a brood ya got there, lol. I especially like tha Mathias Ghostly look, lol. (Grrrrr!)

    We have missed out on the fun for some years now, as are kiddes are now adults…But with a growing brood of grandkids, and new baby a few days ago, we are once more in the hallowed mix.

    Our little group consisted of two Faires….(No jokes please), and were cute as bugs….I hope our pics turn out as well as yours….

    PS: We had to clip their wings for an hour or so, as they kept getting hung up in the doors, especially the one to bathroom!

  2. waistdog 11.3.2003

    Scout’s looking a little pissed in that first picture.

    But that other picture of her is VERY cool.

  3. Gary 11.3.2003

    Halloween would have been atotal wash at my house if it hadn’t been for the mother who accompanied her son in her Hooter’s uniform. She was a treat, that’s for sure.

  4. you guys really go all out for Reformation Day

  5. MaC 11.3.2003

    Cute kids… But where’s your costume?

  6. Jett 11.4.2003

    Mac, I went as an oversexed, underemployed family services worker and mother of three. I topped off the outfit with my ‘Hostess With The Mostest’ hat, as evidenced by all the fifth- and sixth-grade boys shouting, “SCOUT’S MOM, YOU ARE THE VERY COOLEST. ISN’T SCOUT’S MOM THE COOLEST, MAN?”

    My life is now complete….and one day, I will have it back. Then I will dress up like a voodoo doll or Billie Jean Davy (“I JUST WANT THE MONEY FOR THE SCOOTER, PYATT.”); I’ve not decided which as of yet.

    Where’s YOUR costume, PUNK??

  7. Jett 11.4.2003

    Yes, Wretched Dee, because we is craaaaayzay for the Lawd!

  8. Jett 11.4.2003

    waisty: she was having a little trouble managing the teeth. unlike her momma, she doesn’t possess an overly-large yap.

  9. Bob 11.4.2003

    Wait, wait, wait… With all do respect to your mother(and there is an immeasureable amount!), I saw you wear that very costume on our night of endless passion, oh..wait again, that was a dream of mine…strike that, continue….sorry!

  10. MaC 11.4.2003

    I had a hard time coming up with a costume, grouchy government employee was allready taken…

  11. Sgt. Mac 11.4.2003

    As per Gary’s comment, several years ago, I spotted a very cute 2 year old in white tights, a very large orange pumpkin with a green hat and stem at top…

    Accompanying the cute tyke was this very sexy mommmy in tiny white sexy nurse outfit, net stockings, and push up bra…(Ala Fredricks of Hollydolldom)…

    I only wish I had gone up to her and asked “Trick or Treat!”

  12. melly 11.5.2003

    Sam stole my mother’s costume. And he’s not even round like a pumpkin!


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