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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 7, 2003 || 10:52 am

I hate to detract from the flow of bile from the last post, but…..

Look, you people. I need a big-ass image of a radiological hazard symbol. Any ole color scheme is fine, and I give a fuck not what format it’s in.

Okay, .pdf sucks, but I’ll even take it in a pinch.

Can any of you point me in the right direction? Preeeedddy, preeeedddy please?

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  1. Lili 11.7.2003

    Have you tried Google Image search? It can be pretty helpful…

  2. Skillzy 11.7.2003

    Biohazard or Radiation? I keep some signs and yellow tape around for when I clean the bathroom and the kitchen.

  3. Leslie 11.7.2003


    That is the one that I found. It’s not huge, though, I’m sure you could make it bigger.

  4. Leslie 11.7.2003
  5. Sgt. Mac 11.7.2003

    I think one of these may fit your purse…..

  6. Sgt. Mac 11.7.2003

    Be nice if I actually included the link http://www.uspoliticsforum.com/emergency/...

  7. Sgt. Mac 11.7.2003

    This is the biggest sign I could find.. http://www.angelfire.com/yt/radiation/radsignpic.html

  8. Anonymous 11.7.2003

    Lili: ’twas the first place I looked…thanks!

    Skillzy: I would expect no less from a man with a hairy back.

    Les: sorry we got cut off. Hazards of the job. Talk to you soon.

    SMAC: you are the FIRE! PERFECT!

  9. Jett 11.7.2003

    That was me. I’m Incognito, your friendly neighborhood lurker.

  10. Hans Dibbler 11.7.2003

    Great, we have a new webisim; just as to “google” became a standard (US) English language term, so shall “joogle”.

    Joogle: The act of asking other people to search the web for something you could have found on your own.

    also see:

    Joogie : A human search bot executing the whim of any paricular “Joogler”.

    Now if you will excuse me I have to go scour the web for some tidbit of info that might titilate and delight Ms. Superior as a (wholly inadequate) offering for not taking part in the fullfillment of her stated request.

  11. Jett 11.8.2003

    Dear Hansi,

    Your bile is refreshing.

    No need to do all the rest; just send cash. That, or go fuck yourself.



  12. Hans Dibbler 11.8.2003

    Geez, for a woman who is as surly and thick skinned as a teamster during contract negotiations, It never ceases to amaze and perplex me that you take offense to my sarcasm.


    I was serious about going out to try to find something that might amuse you, I just didn’t find anything in my Absolut enhanced state.

  13. Jett 11.8.2003

    The inference that I am lazy and I treat my readers as peons crosses the line from sarcasm to cruelty.

    And the fact that you’ve used alcohol as an excuse for thinly-veiled cruelty at least twice now is childish. You’re not eighteen anymore, Hans…that excuse holds no truck past, oh, twenty-two (and that is being generous).

    Thing is, I genuinely like you…we’ve had some great conversations/interactions in the past; you’ve made me think and see things from a different perspective on more than one occasion and I hope you can say the same regarding me.

    Sometimes, though, I think you are here mainly just to pick apart things I say and mock me…not in a lighthearted fashion (because Lord knows I am not perfect and even take jabs at myself) but in a way that is *meant* to be taken offensively. What is really funny here is that you call me out, so to speak, and then are (varying degrees of) petulant when I bow up to you.

    I would have thought that you’d be clever enough to catch the irony of the ‘just send cash’ line. Point being, I wasn’t asking for a great deal, and nobody had their arm twisted. I was looking in the wrong manner –if not in the wrong place– and was growing frustrated at my impotence with such a simple thing. There is no shame in asking for help on the occasion that you need it.

    Think back, William, since you’ve been here virtually from the beginning: How many times in all the thousands of words that I’ve published here have I asked for something from ANYONE that directly benefitted me or mine without any return? There is a charitable cause that I stump for once a year and there are my purses, which are artistic trade and not handouts; I work hard on them and they are gorgeous…just ask anyone who’s purchased them from me.

    Look, I don’t mind your drunken forays into jabbing me hard; I mind that you can dish it out but not take it. If that is truly your position, then you either need to have one less drink before you sit down to type or you need to re-think hitting that ’submit’ button.

    And yes, I react. It’s not like you’re some random wahoo wandering through here. You’re someone whom I would refer to as ‘friend’ or ‘pal’ and no matter what way you try to spin it, friends just don’t treat one another indelicately. There is truth and then there is torture, and I’m nobody’s fucking lab rabbit.

    And Jesus Christ, I wasn’t gonna say this, but you’re acting like a junior-high school girl. It’s as if you’re motivated by some sort of jealousy.

  14. Sgt. Mac 11.8.2003

    WTF Hans….It’s her GD Blog, so shut the F…up. If she wants to ask for some help, go for it…I for one, had no problem helping the lady…Glad to do it….If you don’t care to, then ignore the request, and post when something suits your fancy….

    God, I am so tired of people coming into other peoples space, (In their face), to complain…If you want to bitch, get your own Blog!

  15. John 11.8.2003

    I like biohazard better. NukeWar is so last century.

  16. Hans Dibbler 11.8.2003

    GEEZ, when are you going to be on AIM?

    I would just as soon clear this up real time.

  17. Skillzy 11.8.2003

    Woohoo! It’s Sugarmama Smackdown time again!

  18. sugarmama 11.10.2003

    Ha. Don’t bring me into this!

    That said, Jett, I recently had a commenter who explained that his biting, negative comments were posted “for the sake of variety” and also “I was just kidding”. Oh, and “you misinterpreted me”. Nice overused, lame-ass excuses. I told him to FUCK OFF. And I banned all three of his IP’s.


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