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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 6, 2003 || 1:13 am

I’m game.

Acidman posed a set of questions yesterday over at his site, and they kind of tie in with something I scribbled earlier in the week. A real similar post made a few days after mine was brought to my attention by redclay t’other day and now there’s something by The Pie Queen, as well. All food for thought.

So anyway, without further ado, his questions, my answers:

1) If you’ve read a blog for a while, do you start to believe that you KNOW the person who writes it, even though you’ve never met that person?

Hmmm, this one is kinda complex, because the answer varies and is dependent on the blog author himself, really. There are those who pull no punches on their blogs, and there are those that are supreme fluff while still being engaging and enjoyable to read. I never labor under the illusion that I know all and see all based on a few paragraphs left to dry on my screen, but there are some instances where you can get a solid feel for a writer based on their words. If I like what I see, if it toots my horn, then I stick out my hand for a shaking and see if anything in the way of a friendship develops. Interaction is the only way to really know someone, and sometimes even that cannot be trusted.

If I’m not mistaken, you’ve explored that topic once or twice before.

2) If you met that same person for the first time at a blog-meet, would you be at a loss for conversation?

Well, fuck no. This has a little to do with having read the person on a regular basis, and a whole lot to do with my raising. One weekend might find us at a truck-and-tractor pull. The next might find us at the ballet. I made mention of the wide array of cultural outings that my momma made available to us in a conversation with her a couple of years ago; I told her that since I’ve become a parent it’s grown quite clear to me how much effort and planning and sacrifice she put into me and my siblings. I mean, I was aware before, but it is absolutely crystal now. Her reply to me?

“Sis, I wanted you to be able to walk into a room of fifty people and have at least one thing to conversate on with each and every one of them. You never know what flavor of person repels you until you engage them in discussion.” Everybody but everybody should be blessed with a momma as grand as mine.

3) Do you believe that blogging attracts the same kind of people to that medium of expression?

To a certain degree, yes. Hell, everybody wants to be heard: It’s a human instinct, scientifically documented as one of the pinnacle needs, even. Beyond that, there’re a myriad of factors that come into play: How engaging are you? Have you found a voice; do you use it to full effect? Do you encourage interaction? There are more personality types in the weblog end of the Cyberian wordpool than I could count on my fingers AND toes. Shit, my readers alone (many of whom are webloggers themselves) are testament to that.

4) Are you afraid to speak in a room full of people that you don’t know very well? If so, THEN DON’T BLOG!

Why, hell no. I’m as worthy of being heard as anybody else. If the crickets sing at the end of my speechifying, well then…they sing.

Most times they don’t, however….or, if they do, I can’t hear them for all the voices in my head and/or the drunks surrounding me.

God bless Brother Alk E. Haul. Amen and pass the peaches.

5) Do you read some blogs and have this overpowering urge to jump the writer’s bones, even though you’ve never seen that person before? If so, email ME.

I can’t adequately express how many times you fucking Cyberians have made me horny (and jealous! oh so, soooo jealous!) with the words you’ve strung together across my screen. There are some webloggers that, yeah, make me squirm in my seat consistently. They can be talking about any ole thing….the price of bread, sun flares, chair webbing. It’s not what they’re saying so much as it is how they’re sidling up to me to say it. It mimics meatspace: Packaging counts for a little, but packaging ain’t the be-all, end-all. You can be pretty all day long, but in the end, what things of worth do you have to bring to the table? The weight of a weblog lies in its delivery.

And, for the record, this is how I break it down. If someone is clever with their words, that signifies some strength of intellect peppered with at least a dash of creativity. Creativity between the ears doesn’t usually have a propensity to stay there; it manifests itself in many, many areas, if you catch my drift….wink-wink, nudge-nudge. Plus, if you can get into my head, baby, if you can challenge me there first and foremost, then the heart and pants may soon follow (I think I’ve only slept with one truly, cripplingly dumb guy in my life….but he was a superb lay, so I don’t count that one wasted…we consistently made one another’s toes curl and we byGod had fun).

Assuming I were single, which I’m not. But if I were, honey, some of you would be in SO MUCH trouble! You’d not come up for air for days at a time.

And there you have it, folks. Asked and answered.

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  1. my face is numb and I’m dizzy and I miss you

  2. Jett 11.6.2003

    …and I’d shed my bark for you too, Wretchedee. Package soon.

  3. G. Oldielocks 11.6.2003

    My answer to all of the questions is Yes, and some of the best times I’ve ever had, never really happened.

  4. pawz 11.6.2003

    wayull, all I can say is…

    tank gawd yer in HellyBammy, and i’m over here. we’d be in trouble udderwise.

  5. sugarmama 11.6.2003

    I dunno, Jett, even if you could cheat, well wouldn’t it be like incest with me?


  6. Sgt. Mac 11.6.2003

    Wish I could come up wit somethin’ witty…..

    A couple of thangs….

    1. Yes you become to think you know the person writin’ the blog by reading their words of witdom. Any dummy knows that.

    2. Belonged to a MSN military chat many moons ago. Always mazed’ me how these young studs or young gals thought they knew everthin’, bout the other person, from a few sentences on the IM type. (I’m in love…..I want your baby…..Give me a break!)

    Cause I was the old fart of the party had mostly these gals IM’n me wanting to know why so and so wasn’t in luv wit dem or why they didn’t want to have sex or on and on and on infinitim(sic).

    IM’n and Bloggin are the same creature…It’s easy to spill your guts one way or ta’ other. You can fake it or you can lay out the real you, or give a hint on oneself…

    Like you and others have found out though, there are strangers looking in the dark recess’s of your blogworld…Suddenly and without warning they appear, as if an apparation…all seeing and all knowing your every whim….

    The worse case on IM was a fellow who got the details off an IM proficle…with an email and spyware, he got the gals address, phone number and even showed up at her house…Yikes!!!!

    She now has a restraining order against this lurker in the dark…She is still scared shitless to this day….So…..Be careful what you say…..Real or imagined….These lurkers in the dark are reading your every word, and thinking you are talking only to them…..

    If you want to be safer, and by no means a guarantee, go to a prviate thang by invite only….

  7. melly 11.7.2003

    John hasn’t babbled a century on this post yet? Love him I do, but he so loves to run on about blogging more than about how perfect I am. What’s wrong with that boy?

  8. Jett 11.7.2003

    Look, ever since I put the two of you together, I hardly see either of you.

    Fucking Cosmos.

    Cosmos Fucking.

    John, Jooooohhhhnnnn! Come back to me, John, and erect vast wordy warrens in my comments section!

    I’m naming a band that: The Vast Wordy Warrens.

    Heh, I said ‘erect’, heh-heh.

  9. Jett 11.7.2003

    And the basketball post was priceless. PRICELESS, YOU NECROPHILIAC CLOWNPORN-LOVING WHORRRRE!

  10. Hans Dibbler 11.8.2003

    Sgt. Mac,

    I have advised Jett on ubernumerous occasions to obscure the facts, change the names of the (few that are) innocent, and not make it so easy for a screw loose to pick her as their obsession.

    Perhaps her absence on AIM is an indicator that you words of advice succeeded, where mine had failed.

  11. Jett 11.8.2003

    My absence on AIM has more to do with time-and-a-half hours at school, full=time job, three busy children and perpetual laundry than it does any ole freak.

    No one has stepped boldly over the line, but several have found me and gone all ‘instant friend’ on me rather than taken their time with an easy interaction so that I could get to ‘know’ them, as well.

    As for the others that may contemplate more, I think I’ve made it abundantly clear in the past:


  12. John 11.8.2003

    I do indulge that meta-bloggin bit a bunch.

    I was weaving a few strands of stories and searching for the truth in order to create more entertaining lies.


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