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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 16, 2003 || 4:09 pm

My exit polls are hiiiigh.

Sam spent the bulk of the evening-before-last (okay, all of it) carrying around a notebook containing various polls on each family member. I ranked off the charts, Mathias ranked off the charts, and Maxim was on up there. Sam remarked to me that he’d already informed Maxim, whose rating was pretty decent, that Maxim could grease it on up there by sliding a sawback into Sam’s pocket. Technically, the kid’s ignorant of ‘the system’, so it disheartens me greatly to know that he’s a natural politician.

Scout came in somewhere in the fortieth percentile. As you might imagine, this sorely vexed young Scout. To further increase her ire, Sam crafted a page full of little columns of checkboxes with headers like ‘Yelling’ and ‘Getting Up In My Face’ and ‘Smart A’ (he swore the ‘A’ stood for aleck, but he didn’t know how to spell it correctly and he wanted his data sheet to be accurate. I replied that in all honesty no data out there is completely accurate, whereupon he gave me A Looktm). Of course no one else had a page of checkboxed standards to live up to.

For someone who knows nothing of politics and poll rankings, this was a pretty inventive little way for Sam to get Scout’s goat. I’m kinda jealous that I didn’t think of it as a kid.

I’d really like to call up my younger sister and torture her a little bit, but it’s just not as fun when your sibling is grown and really is a loser.

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  1. Sounds like Sam’s a fan of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ then, huh?

  2. The Llama 11.16.2003

    I thought about getting a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo. But I decided not to. Good thing.

  3. Richard D. Bartlett 11.16.2003

    I must be on drugs

    I don’t understand a word of what you just said.

  4. In ‘C&H,’ a comic strip very popular in the book store you work Rich, for the last fifteen years Calvin periodically walks into the living room while his Dad reads the paper and announces that his Dad’s ‘polls’ are down and will be in great danger of re-election should he not give the ‘public’ their demands for higher allowances, less dishes etc etc. It’s often no more than a funny commentary on the children of today’s society.

  5. The Llama 11.22.2003

    So am Iiiiiiiiiiii….

    Wait, I mean…. Um…


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