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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 14, 2003 || 10:19 am

My pocket people rock way harder than your pocket people.

We interrupt this bout with exhaustion masquerading as a raging, debilitating chestcold to bring you this:

Look, if you’re not watching theDane’s weekly vidblogs, all I want to know is why, Why, WHYYY? You are certainly depriving yourself of …..something. Since you’re all lazy bas For your convenience, I’ve grouped them all here in one place. Hint: They’re in reverse-chronological order. Okay then; click the pitchers and get to rollin’.

The jazz in the background on this one is a superb touch, but if I’m not mistaken, this is the SECOND vidblog that he’s ended with a smarmy little kiss at the camera. This is a ruse, as our dear Dane wants you to THINK he’s being smarmy. Truth be known, he’s actually going all soft on us. Girly-man, girly-man!!

I received a verrrry kind e-mail from theDane regarding this particular video: “Knowing how much you despise our crustacean friends, I feared that you may have missed my vidblog tribute. If you want you can pretend that the lobster is you.” Ahhh, blessed altruism.

Look, don’t make the same errer erroe error in judgement as I did and assume that he’s wearing a lame-ass flap hat in this one. It is clearly NOT a lame-ass flap hat, as I so mistakenly told him over the phone (and thereby garnering angry, link-ridden e-mail); rather, it is a SPACE HELMET, crafted lovingly by MamaDane. As you can so plainly see, it still fits him as an adult because he had notoriously big hair as a child. That, or he has a disproportionately small adult head; I’ll leave that one to you to ponder, wonderful Muffinasses.

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  1. Johnny T 11.14.2003

    The Dane makes a good wierdo.

  2. Jett 11.14.2003

    Honey, don’t we allll.

  3. Sgt. Mac 11.14.2003

    Well being bored as hell today, I took a gander at the “DANE’s” vidblog…(That must be a word right?).

    Singing to his lobster was very cool indeed, but being an Inland sort of guy, (Idaho), I especially liked the view of the Pacific Ocean…The blues and blacks of the great Pacific, overwhelmed me…I now want to move to the coast…..

    PS: Can I obtain a B&W image to hang on my wall….?

  4. melly 11.14.2003

    Some people never grow out of the sort of story telling only a child could create. And this is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

    Only, on the second to the last video. I believe I saw tongue. I need to be purified. It’s gettin’ hot in herre.

    And, scene.

  5. Observant Cookie 11.16.2003

    Has anyone every told you, judging from your pictures, that you look like you spend way, way too much time staring at a monitor?

  6. Jett 11.16.2003

    That condition is known as ‘computer face’, a phrase coined by one Miss April Love.

    And honey, if you want to troll around here, you’re gonna have to make a bigger effort than that.


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