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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 28, 2003 || 9:20 am

Okay, I know I’m always hollering, ‘Best search ever!’, but this one really is superb …

…and I’m NUMBER ONE, honey:


And they even all-capsed it just like that, which signals a certain fervent desperation for a positive return, doesn’t it? Sweeeeet.

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  1. waistdog 11.28.2003

    Girls having sausages?

    Jimmy Dean.


    Beggin’ strips.

    It’s all about sex and meat.

    When God asks me the meaning of life….I’ll stand tall, and tell him “Sex and Meat”!

  2. melly 11.28.2003

    Still doesn’t beat “mama needs work in her pussy garden”.

  3. melly 11.28.2003

    Wait, I got it wrong. It’s “mama needs work done in her pussy garden”.

  4. waistdog 11.28.2003

    “Mama wants a little roto-tilling”.

    Or maybe a few minutes with the Garden Weasle.

  5. Jett 11.28.2003

    Which are really one and the same, pretty much, John.

    As for YOU melly and waisty: you’re both just sick, with your exercise balls and your flamedancers and your pithy sexual innuendos. SICK!


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