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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 19, 2003 || 11:01 am


becky: ‘Oblivious

Welp, there’s three minutes of my life I can’t fucking get back. It does appear, however, that Keanu lives up to the hype: He can thump a pretty convincing bass (…and please recall here that I am a Lover Of Bass Gods from way back, so I know of what I speak). Too bad he’s hitched his basshorse to this tripewagon.

Rebecca Lord, you are no Jill Cunniff!….even if your voice has been ProToolsed all over hell and half of Georgia. And allow me to share with you one wee bit of insider knowledge: What one lacks in talent one can make up for (even a tad) in energy. Step away from the mic, girl! Move them there feets! Go a little nuts, and do it with verve. If that left hand just has to be touching the mic at all times, well…that fucker comes out of the stand, did you know that? It’s notoriously portable. Shake your shimmy. Make something work in your favor. Thanks so much.

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  1. Sgt. Mac 11.19.2003

    Half the fuckin’ time, I don’t don’t know what the fuck your talkin’ bout’…

    My one brain cell however, says that this has sumthin to do with a band?

  2. roderickm 11.19.2003

    I was more entertained watching the plentiful camera angles!

    MAR 23

    MAY 5

    MAR 23

    MAY 5

    MAR 23

    MAY 5


    I don’t know what sound they’re after, but Hoi Polloi did it better ten years ago. http://www.gibson.com/magazines/amplifier/4-96/upcoming/up-coming.html

  3. Jett 11.20.2003

    I dunno, rod, the poorly-timed overdub was a special treat, as well.

  4. Gary 11.21.2003

    Always meant to asak you…do you like the upright bass as well as electric? My dad made his living playing an upright and it is the coolest instrument ever.


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