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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 28, 2003 || 10:23 pm

She Of The Scritchy voice explains. If you listen closely, you can even hear me wheeeeeze.

VOX: Yay for audblogging fatigued and with the croup.

:: reunion i (good ole boys), october ‘03 ::

:: reunion ii (black sheep), october ‘03 ::

:: reunion iii (matriarch), october ‘03 ::

:: sunning (gossip in the meadow), october ‘03 ::

:: checkout by the creek i, october ‘03 ::

:: checkout by the creek ii, october ‘03 ::

:: checkout by the creek iii, october ‘03 ::

:: checkout by the creek iv, october ‘03 ::

I call this series ‘electric meadow’.

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  1. trish 11.29.2003

    You do not sound anything like I expected.

  2. Crazy Lady 11.29.2003

    “RC and a moonpie”

    Mooooonpie. Mmmmmmm. Mooooonpie.

    And you did that laugh thing again. LOL

  3. gjoe 11.29.2003

    Southern Gothic, huh?

    Well, Ms. Superior, I call that junk in the yard. But perhaps this is my midwestern desire for lawn gnomes and pink flamingos…

  4. Jett 11.29.2003

    gjoe: you had to be there. the lighting, the irregular cadence of wee things humming and singing, the stark abandoned feel everything had…well, it was just sort of surreal and a tad creepy, way out there in the middle of nowhere. All this meaning: This was exceptional junking.

    CNL: laugh-thing? SHUDDUP. >:0)

    trisher: I get that a lot, as evidenced by the first audblog I did.

  5. waistdog 11.29.2003

    Oh man!

    My pig shirt and a hammock….I could manage THIS store in style.

    Great pictures.

    And look! They’re ALL express lanes.

  6. Crazy Lady 11.29.2003

    CNL: laugh-thing? SHUDDUP.

    Hey, it’s said with love. I’m very fond of the laugh thing – it’s like I said, you make bad news sound good when you do it. LOL

  7. Sgt. Mac 11.29.2003

    That “Sexy” Southern Drawl in the back of some RC Cola Image is AWESOME!

    Your right, we think we know someone from their writings, but the “REAL” Jett comes through. in this audo thang…..Thanks for the preveiw, hope to hear more….

    Meanwhile, I cannot beleive the posting language comes from such a sweet southern mouth as yours…

  8. We might have reasonably expected a voice more along the lines of the mouthy and awesome Laura Kightlinger doing standup, not the fiercely delicate Sally Field doing Southern accent. It’s good to remember that your site is really called “Love” (well, “F****** Love F****** Jett Style”). :-)

    If you had a different camera (I haven’t kept up with the technology and still prefer Canon SLRs), it might have better captured all you saw with your Diane Arbus eye, elevating the series to Dadaist gallery quality. Keep that camera (or a new one) with you and share more of the reality of (stereotyped) Alabama. (I’m sorry to say these pictures ultimately fit the stereotype.)

  9. melly 11.29.2003


  10. waistdog 11.29.2003

    Stoned enough to go shopping in a store without walls.

  11. trisher 11.30.2003

    Yeah, I get that a lot, too. I think it’s the southern accent, even though I knew you had one.

  12. meredith 11.30.2003

    i think, trish, that it’s not so much the southern lilt that threw me, nor the tone, but the pitch.

    i suppose, jett, that i became so used to your cutting humor, the whole independence of your thoughts, and the harshness* of your writing that made me believe that your voice was supposed to be deeper and throatier in a way I can’t quite explain.

    i apologize for this, and i found your true voice quite beautiful.

    *i use the word “harsh” not in a bad way, but to reflect the raw tell-it-like-it-is style you posess. also, sgt. mac’s last paragraph.


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