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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 7, 2003 || 10:07 am

The one where I am politically informed and on top of things.

Dear Howard Dean,

It’s funny, viewing the degree to which you are a fuckjobber. Oh yessss, what a fuckjobber you are.

And not for the reasons that your fellow politico assgrabby peers are citing.

From one Southern Gal to the lot of you:

Fuck all y’all.

That’s MY official party line.

Truly and sincerely,

Jett “If I’d Like To Fuck Things Up For A Living I’ll Be A Demolitions Expert And Not A Politician” Superior

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  1. Skillzy 11.7.2003

    Happy Friday! What exactly tripped your trigger? Weird Howard trying to pander to the rednecks, or everyone else piling on him trying to pander to everyone who might possibly hate rednecks? If any of those dumbasses gets Jimmy Cartered into the White House, we’re screwed. Hell, we’re probably screwed if Bushie stays in too. Drinks are on me!

  2. Sgt. Mac 11.7.2003

    Mr Dean he quite a man,

    Wants Southern Rednecks in his van.

    Was talking about our Rebel Flag,

    Says inclusion is his bag.

    So Howard comin’ down to Ala Bammy,

    Limo, staff and dough grabbin’ honey.

    Seems all he wants is my Southern vote,

    And Confederate money in his tote.

    Slamming brakes on my picky me up,

    Come to a halt at Deans front.

    “Hey Reb, I’d like your vote,”

    “Alrighty I says reaching into my truck.”

    I dropped a twenty on the ground,

    Earthward, Dean he bent down.

    Here’s my vote, I said with a grin,

    As I shoved the Rebel Flag up his rearend.

  3. Hans Dibbler 11.7.2003

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos.

  4. Jett 11.8.2003

    Me, I’m a Doctor Maddvibe kinda gal.

  5. Jett 11.8.2003

    SMAC! Did you make that one up yourself? SWEEEET!

  6. John 11.8.2003

    Mmmm politics and explosives…Guy Fawkes tried that.

    It figures that I would favor the guy running that probably won’t win and I don’t mean Dean. I like underdogs.

  7. Skillzy 11.8.2003

    Ain’t no party like a Democrat Party!

  8. Ezrael 11.10.2003

    I gotta admit, A) I don’t give a shit about Dean (I’m pretty much voting for anybody who isn’t Bush at this point, so it really doesn’t matter who that *anybody* is, and I should admit it) but man, was that fucking stupid. I know he’s from New England and thus has probably been exposed to a lot of anti-southern sentiment (my grandmother, who was from Texas and who went to school in Virginia, always said her nipples got hard from all the warmth her neighbors showed once they figured out she was from Texas) and B ) you know, why the fuck do people keep that flag? Seriously? I mean, it is the flag of an armed attack on American government property (Fort Sumter) and a four year explosion of treason. Seriously, if Rhode Island had taken up arms against the USA, would people think it was okay to fly *that* flag? I’ve never understood it, no matter how many times I’ve had it explained to me. I just don’t get it.


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