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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 30, 2003 || 2:24 am

The one where I preach it, brother.

MISter PERkins,

I am a Kamikaze Bloggin’ Fool. If anybody’s gonna make a buck off of my sweet, sweet verbiage and punchy social commentary, it’s gonna be me. ME.

Good luck with your ‘New Blog Order’, Shempy.

Sorry to be so harsh, but every now and again someone gotsa let go wif da troof,
Jett “Love You But You Gots To Go” Superior

pee ess: tell Mr. Winer to settle the fuck on down. Doesn’t he know that when arms are flapped wildly, the perspiration stains show? For jeez Pete.

peepee ess: …and you can tell the Putz-o-matic Article Machine that every motherfucker on the weblogging block with some fucking ‘quality’ (who deems which what, huh?) content to offer up is tired of The Wholetm being represented by the same repetitively-quoted, heavily-linked Personages Without Whom The Smogosphere Would Crumple With A Whimper. There are those that could chunk some Scrabble letters into a paper bag, shake it up real good and pull out a week’s worth of better posts…and they maybe get sixty hits per week.

You know what? If this wasn’t called ‘blogging’, I’d still fucking be here. Dammit. You people.

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  1. waistdog 11.30.2003

    I think it bothers journalists, and writers for magazines and papers, that regular “nerdy” types can speak their little minds, and say what they think and feel, without having to kiss the ass of their employer, or watch their words for fear of retribution from the censors, political clowns, or religiously swelled heads.

    The thought that someone would want to make a buck off it, doesnt’ surprise me. This is America.

    That’s what it’s all about in this country; is trying to make a buck.

    Which is why people read the flotsam in papers like the Economist.

    To see where the bucks are, that they can exploit, so that they too can write and article in a paper about making money.

    Of course, they don’t have the balls to have a comment button.

    Because THEY don’t want to know what others think.

    They just want us to know what THEY think.

  2. trish 11.30.2003

    I heard that. I think I’ve made my opinion clear about it all, I won’t repeat it.

    However, I have found that blogging gave me a clearer insight into my opinion, and I’ve learned to worry less about pleasing everyone else and focus on pleasing myself.

    Hmmm, that sounded kinda dirty.

  3. sugarmama 12.1.2003

    There were some inaccuracies in his article. He needs to have an EDITOR do some fact-checking before publishing.


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