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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 17, 2003 || 11:13 pm

These are the sorts of things I would write were I to craft a novel.

“Here now,” he said, handing her back the lighter he’d borrowed from her so long ago.

Then he looked her in the eye, masking his fear with the controlled mirth that was so well-practiced. The mirth that no one except her managed to dissect for what it was. I see you. I see you in the one way that counts.

He came all this way? He came all this way, across all these miles and all these feelings, all this fucking time to return a lighter?

“Look,” and he paused, his bottom lip full, his top lip a thin curl at one side, “If I drink too much more I will become very fond of you and that is something I would like to avoid at all costs.” He slid the lighter across her upturned palm and she flicked it open, fingering the wheel of it with her thumb as she looked at him fixedly. She was wrestling with the very real desire to throw it at him.

While it was lit.

After he’d bathed in some sort of flammable liquid.

Any flammable liquid.

And this was the way they were, from the first minute that they’d met. It has been said that if a man and a woman look into each other’s eyes for more than about twelve seconds they are either going to kill each other or make love. Never was a truer example set forth than the two of them while they were in close proximity to one another.

“Bartender,” she called over her shoulder while gesturing two fingers toward his glass, “set us up about ten of these. I’m gonna teach this man how to lose gracefully.”

“Either that,” she said and then turned to meet his gaze again, “or how to get good and drunk and then walk away.”

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  1. Bob 11.17.2003

    Daddy like..is this about you and me?

  2. sarabella 11.18.2003

    i’d buy that book

    and the sequel

  3. Jennifer 11.18.2003

    Damn, girl! You write, I’ll buy!

  4. Dean 11.18.2003

    Explain to us again why you don’t write for a living???

  5. sean 11.18.2003

    Perhaps this could be a regular thing with your blog…the Superior Storybook Hour?

    I’d tune in.

  6. Gary 11.18.2003

    You paint a word picture Jett. Use your gift.

  7. MaC 11.18.2003

    I’m thinking of making a cardboard sign: “Will work for words”

  8. G. Oldielocks 11.19.2003

    Jett, you could give this to us in cliffhanging installments on the blog. Did you know that Dickens started out that way (not the blog part).

  9. Richard D. Bartlett 11.20.2003

    i thought it was 6/10 to be honest.

    you are cool though

  10. Jett 11.21.2003

    Wretchedee…mebbe you should write this same scene from a male perspective. I’d like to see what comes of that.

    Rob: I can only dream of our latent passions igniting to consume us. AND, I’m tellin’ your wife. >:o)

    Sara, Jen, thank you so much. I would autograph my weblog and mail it out, but somehow that’s just not feasible.

    Dean, there are these things called ‘mouths to feed’, although I am prone to jumping off of precipices without first checking my ‘chute…one can never tell, now can they?

    sean: you give me ten minutes and a working number and I’ll read them to you like bedtime staw-rees. >:o)

    Gary, I do my best.


    G. Oldie: yeah, lots of famous folk did such a thing, most notably him and Tolkien. Heh, I’d like to have seen a blog by Dickens. He’d wallow in obscurity, like the rest of us; wonder what he’d call his version of Muffinasses?


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