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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 9, 2003 || 9:17 pm

Various and sundry conversations.

MAXIM enters room, notices tape measure languidly draped about JETT’S neck.

MAXIM: Oh no, you’re eBaying again, aren’t you?

We get the distinct impression that our heroine is rather…distant when wheeling and dealing and prostituting wares during the course of online auctions.

JETT: No, I’m measuring my ego.

MAXIM: Oh, well hell, then….you’re going to need about eight more of those things.

::: :: ::: :: :::

JETT is annoyed. MAXIM ponders this.

MAXIM: You know, that’s the second time you’ve called me a ‘fucker’ today.

JETT: Look, this one’s easy. Stop earning the title and I’ll stop bestowing it upon you.

::: :: ::: :: :::

MAXIM and JETT are hurriedly gathering items at Hobby Lobby so as to make it to the infamous BANDITO BURRITO in short fashion.

MAXIM: Baby, you’re so sexy when you shop for sheet metal tools.

JETT cocks one eyebrow and him and keeps walking.


JETT is busy. JETT has no time for this; she has roughly twenty items to gather in that many minutes.

MAXIM: Dirty girl on aisle seventeen! Dirty girl on aisle seventeen!

::: :: ::: :: :::

Funny how when we get to spend a solid chunk of hours alone –just the two of us– we recall that we really, really like one another a whole lot.

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  1. red clay 11.9.2003

    good man.

  2. Richard D. Bartlett 11.10.2003

    you guys are weeod.

  3. Dean 11.10.2003

    Lucky you!

  4. sugarmama 11.10.2003

    Hobby Lobby will be the Michael’s killer. For good reason.

  5. Jett 11.10.2003

    sugar….Hobby Lobby has been around (for what seems to be) a hunnert years, but they’re no more huge now than they evcr were, it seems.

    My momma used to take me there when I was a kid to buy awful “family crafts” like latch-hooking kits and the like. I once made a cream-colored rug with a baby blue border and BETH spelled out in big block letters –baby blue, also– in the center.

    God help us all.

  6. Digging the format of blogging there Jett. I’m always up for some third-person perspective (and yes I can see the conotations there thank you very much)

  7. brynne 11.11.2003

    I miss Hobby Lobby… no such thing here in the NorthWest– Just Michael’s.. pfft.


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