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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 8, 2003 || 1:15 am

Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket??

Remember my friend Eric? The one I referenced in my one-hundred things? [ref: numbers twenty-four through twenty-six]

In a very *ahem* inventive Halloween twist, he snagged a priest’s cassock, had the arms removed*, went out and bought a timeout kid (also known as corner kids), strapped it on and went as your favorite Controversial Catholic Character. Observe:

That’s him on the far left. As if you didn’t know.

As a matter of fact, all my friends are creative geniuses, thanks for asking. It’ll make hell more fun.

His mother, upon my query, responded that she was horrified and ashamed at his choice of costumes.

“You know what, Eric?” I said upon being introduced to the whole getup, “You’re either gonna get the living hell beat out of you or get a whole lot of pussy out of this.” He called me afterward to share the news that at least a dozen other women had told him the exact same thing, to which he responded, “You wanna be next? You know, after the kid?”

This is all so very funny because Eric is truly one of the best men I know in the whole world. He is awesomely funny and caring and cultured and well, just cute as all hell.

You know…that place where he’ll be spending all of eternity.

*Me: “Are you kidding, Eric? It’ll be too fucking hot for that thing.”
Him: “I know, that’s why I’m cutting the sleeves off. It’s great, because they’ll be what I use to strap the doll to myself!”

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  1. Allan 11.8.2003

    I rode home in the back of a herse on halloween. I kid you not. it was weird.

  2. Dean 11.8.2003

    Who’s the chick? ;-)

  3. Sgt. Mac 11.8.2003

    I get the point, but I would probably be one to beat the crap out the guy….That is right after he got some pussy…

  4. Jett 11.8.2003

    Al: Bread truck. Some friends of mine converted the back of a bread truck into a mobile party pad and posse’d up everybody that would fit into it for prom. One of those guys drove a hearse on a regular basis, if I recall correctly. Like, to school and shit. whee!

    Deano: random folks –most especially babes– were asking for pictures all night. I just posted this one because it was AWERSOME.

    SMAC: yeah, I could be offended, but I know the guy’s heart and I know it was an establishment jab.

  5. Joe 11.8.2003

    That’s the best costume I’ve seen this year! Very funny!!

  6. sean 11.8.2003

    No kidding Dean…there’s a guy in a priest costume in that picture? I just saw the fox in the black bustier. Wow.

  7. “jett”, this hearse has nos. No kiding. Like Fast and the Furious go-go gas.

    Also, that girl has a funny rack.

  8. melly 11.9.2003

    That costume has been done before. I’ve seen a foto on the internet.

    Snappitty Snaps! Don’t hurt me!

    Yes, sir, that’s my baby!

    No, sir, I don’t mean maybe!

  9. Bob 11.11.2003

    How I remember the Bread Van…good times..good times…ANYways, just wanted to say I find nothing funny about the rack on that broad…I am doing something while looking..and it ain’t laughing!!!!


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