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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 30, 2003 || 9:43 am

Wish the minister luck, too.

For the first time in eleventy-seven weeks, all the Superior children are home on a Sunday morning. We are going to church, all of us.

Last time I went to a church around here, I ground my teeth together so hard at the horribly skewed (and damn near completely erroneous) message that I couldn’t each beef jerky or crunchy corn-based products for nigh on two weeks. Wish me luck.

Because sometimes, you know, I really would like to find a church to call my own besides The Church of Superior, whose motto is, “Where every Jett feels at home because they are!”.

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  1. The Dane 12.1.2003

    So were you munchin’ rocks again?

  2. Johnny T 12.1.2003

    Munchin’ rocks over what?

  3. Not that you asked, but if you’re looking for other options, might I recommend First Presbyterian of Gadsden? Probably too long a haul, eh? Anyway, I know both the pastors there (they both used to be at a church near Baltimore). They’re much better and more gracious guys than I am.

    Mark, the associate pastor, and his wife Sarah top my list of favoritest people in the world. They’ve been there for me through a lot of crap, they’ve taught me a lot, and they’re not afraid to put me in my place when my place needs putting into. Unfortunately, they’re only in Gadsden through May.

    The senior pastor, John, I like, but don’t know as well. He did stick up for me once in a situation when someone was being a major jerk to me, which earns him high marks in my book.

    I think they’re both pretty good preachers, too…at least by the way I reckon such things. If they weren’t four states away, I’d be there every Sunday!

  4. Cush 12.1.2003

    Church?? I buy parts for my skateboards at “The Church Of Skatan” – an old church that a few guys bought and converted to a skate shop here in Santa Barbara. Does that count?

    Miss ‘talking’ to you gurl. Don’t be so strange.

  5. Jett 12.2.2003

    This was the dedication week for their new sanctuary, so the message was a little on the light side, i.e. it’s early yet and hard to tell.

    I’m hesitant to say so, but the vibe is good. I shall return.


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