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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 10, 2003 || 10:24 am

Yet another letter to the ill-informed.

Dear Random Guy In Computer Lab~

I can excuse the fact that you are wearing a soft green polo shirt with heather-colored sweatpants, even though both a) color and b) styling are a tad clashy. We all have our bad days, after all.

What I cannot press myself to do, however, is excuse the fact that you tucked that polo into your sweats.

Don’t ever do that ay-gain, sir, for I cannot make any guarantees as to what will or won’t happen.

Jett “I’ma Learn You People Or Else” Superior

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  1. Johnny T 11.10.2003

    Fashion Police.

  2. Jett 11.10.2003

    *looks around wildly*

    Where?? Wave them over my way, please!

  3. melly 11.10.2003

    Was he wearing ref shoes?

  4. melly 11.10.2003


  5. melly 11.10.2003

    Then my man is still king!

  6. John 11.10.2003

    Hail to the king, baby!

  7. melly 11.11.2003

    oh, shut your piehole.

  8. Jett 11.11.2003

    Why do I picture him pointing to his penis while he’s saying that?

    Mintz, anyone?

  9. Bob 11.12.2003

    What is wrong with that outfit??? Am I missing something? Someone let me in on the joke……cmon, ya’ll seriously!….Hello?? Anyone?…one..one…one…


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