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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 10, 2003 || 12:49 pm

And oh yeah…

….in my new coat, my mobile phone has a pocket of its very own.

Such a sad, sad world we live in today.

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  1. sean 12.10.2003

    Dickies has included a cell pocket on the leg of their popular blue collar slacks. I have a couple pairs.

    Unfortunately, from what I can tell, they were designed with the original Motorola “brick” flip-phone so anything modern tends to flop around in there and eventually give everyone the impression that you’ve got a compound fracture.

  2. Richard D. Bartlett 12.10.2003


    dedicated pockets saved my life

    It’s all very well being a girl with a handbag “and shit”, but how do you expect me to keep track of my phone, wallet, and possibly my hankerchief! If I didn’t have a pocket for everything I think I would resort to comfort eating til I was large enough to make flesh pockets.


  3. waistdog 12.10.2003

    I don’t even HAVE a cell phone.

    Let alone a pocket in which to put it.

    I’m jealous.

    But I do have a CB in my truck, with no antenna.

    At least I can pretend I’m talking to people.

  4. Sgt. Mac 12.10.2003

    I have a cell phone but no pants..That didn’t sound right did it?

    My prob. is that I always forget to charge the thang, so if I did have pants to put it in, it wouldn’t work anyway….Noooow, if they came up with pants with a charger inside……

  5. sugarmama 12.10.2003

    I bought a Coach purse last summer and it has a pocket for my cell phone. I think it’s good. I am always fumbling around for my ringing phone but now I know exactly where it is.

    While driving, of course. ;)

  6. sean 12.10.2003

    Driving an SUV?

  7. sugarmama 12.11.2003

    Heck, yeah, a super sized stretch Suburban that is 16 feet wide and has four screaming children in it, with two late for soccer practice.

  8. Jett 12.11.2003

    Wretched Dee…don’t be hatin’.

    And send me the addy where you can receive post during your travails.


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