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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 31, 2003 || 10:26 pm

Coupla thangs before I go…

Hard proof that the ‘recently updateds’ column on the Blogger main page does still occasionally pan out some valuable shiny things. Even if you now (unlike four or so years ago) have to click elebemtysebbum really, painfully shitty (my, how this one makes me want to diiiiie) ones first.

AND! Hugh is almost seventy years old and blogging. Way, waaay too cool. Go Hugh!

Now then; I am off to ingest amber-colored liquids and babble incoherently at the evening sky. Yep: Same-ole, same-ole for New Year’s. Except there may be firearmsworks involved. Big, gleefully and loudly obnoxious ones, wheee!

You idjits be safe, you hear? Don’t you worry about me; I’ll have Maxim at my side to save me from myself: “Stop drinking so fast. You’re going to start saying things that are liable to get my ass kicked.” (To which I always reply: “Don’t worry, baby….Ah’ll perteck you.”)

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  1. batgrl 12.31.2003

    Happy New Year!

  2. Dean 1.1.2004

    Happy New Year!

  3. Angel 1.1.2004

    Nappy Yew Hear!

  4. Sgt. Mac 1.1.2004

    Happy New Year to the Jett family! May 2004 bring you a book deal!! ;)

  5. MaC 1.1.2004

    happy new year!

    PS, I agree with you on the kubrick thing, but I’d have to say eyes wide shut takes the cake when it comes to representing the word “pointless”, or was that plotless?

  6. Jett 1.3.2004

    …and to YOU, beautiful Superior Muffinasses!


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