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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 8, 2003 || 2:12 pm

Get a CLUE, lady.

This morning found me at the doctor’s office with Sam and Scout. As I was scrawling out a check (I scrawl when begrudged), I took note of the date and said –half to myself– “Hm. Jim Morrison’s birthday.”

“Friend of yours?” the lady behind the counter asked.

“Nooooo….Jim Morrison of the Doors.” She looked at me blankly.

“You know,” I insisted, “Frontman of the aforementioned band? He was the Lizard King? He could do anything? Well, except for defy death and drugs.”

She tucked in one side of her mouth and shook her head. Suddenly we were Abbot and Cosfuckingstello. I was all juiced, and she was all, ‘…the fuck??’

I squinched up my eyes at her, “You’re kiddin’ me.”

“I really don’t know.” she said evenly.

“Hokay,” said I, “‘Ell Ay Woman’? The song ‘Ell Ay Woman’.”

“Nope.” Howinthaheck could someone not know ‘Ell Ay Woman’, even on a cursory, fleeting basis??

I started to spit out ‘Crystal Ship’, but there was no way in holy hell that she’d know that one. I sometimes forget that my favorites aren’t everybody’s favorites (even though they byGod should be).

I got a flash of inspiration and suddenly I was one of those gameshow fucktards: I did a little hop, clapped my hands together, pointed at her and exclaimed triumphantly, “‘Light My Fire’!”

“Oh, okay,” she said mildly, “I know that one.” I nodded my approval, lips pooched inward, and she continued to stare.

The end.

Pee ess….today is also the very awesome AdamWade’s bloggiversary. I would like to gift him with sixty fresh hits today, so some of y’all kindly hop on over there and tell him hullo and huzzah and whatever other celebratory exclamations come to mind. Thanks so much.

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  1. Lili 12.8.2003

    I can top this one – one night at a bar I met my soon to be ex-husband….longer story. When introduced he said “hi, I’m Jim Morrison” I swooned slightly and said “Oh, like The Doors” He looked at me puzzled and said “who?” I should have known right then our relationship was doomed….

  2. Gary 12.8.2003

    Jett, time has a way of doing that to us. I remember the day back in the early 80s when my oldest son came home and asked me if I knew that Paul McCartney had in another band before Wings. I have reached that age where the hits of my childhood are the background music for commercials witness Michael McDonald’s cell phone commercial.

    Geez! Where did the last mellinium go?

  3. unmute 12.8.2003

    peace frog. nuff said.

    also, today is a day of infamy for someone else in deadrockstarlandia…

    john lennon was murdered on this day, 23 years ago. “and we all shine on…”

  4. sean 12.8.2003

    Some folks just don’t have much pop intelligence I guess. Both bands were well before my time but there’s almost no way to either watch movies, TV or listen to the radio (even when you don’t listen to oldies) without eventually establishing a cursory awareness of both bands and associated tunes. Or, maybe not I guess.

    I guess these are also the people that require today’s endless AIDS “awareness” campaigns since some folks still might not have a clue.

    But somehow everyone knows about the Paris Hilton video, even if they haven’t seen it.

  5. J2 12.8.2003

    Wow. Frightening. Makes you wonder what sort of pop culture the woman would know.

  6. jennifer 12.8.2003

    my mother who is 56 never heard of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and knows no Beatles songs – but at least she has heard of them! Oh – and same for my dad – clueless parents!! But i myself know very little of todays music – i am somewhat thankful for that.

  7. waistdog 12.8.2003

    Speaking of Led Zeppelin.

    As a young aspiring hipster…I found myself (for reasons we won’t discuss) living in Sun Valley Idaho.

    The first Led Zeppelin album had just come out.

    I was ready to rock out my little world…and ran to the nearest, and only record store in town……”Do you have the new Led Zeppelin album in yet?” I asked.

    The woman stared at me…..blinked twice….and said “I’m sorry. I don’t know who he is.”

    Now of course, we have Robert Plant’s screeching wail as a back drop for Caddy commercials.

    The flowers rotted and fell out of MY hair a long time ago.

  8. Sgt. Mac 12.8.2003

    My middle son, an X-Marine, and aspiring musician, came home, and after a few months began to ask if I heard of so and so bands…

    Pop, did you ever hear of a song by Three Dog Night, or CCR, or on and on and on….

    Another day, I was surprised by our youngest son, who clicked off the rap crap on the radio to listen to the “Wanderer.”

    “Hey pop, this is really a cool song, did you ever hear it before, lol!” ;)

    I think the generation gap is narrowing….A few weeks ago, I showed the young Marine a song I found and liked on the net….”Hey Pop, I didn’t know you liked our music! (He bought me the CD, lol!)

  9. jen 12.8.2003

    my mom actually thought the Doobie Bros. were brothers with the last name, Doobie.

    i bet she doesn’t know who Jim Morrison was, either.

  10. Jettomatika 12.8.2003


    (only former ones)

  11. Don 12.8.2003

    I guess ADAMWADE just attracts the kind of folk who give “huzzah”s.

    It is scary, isn’t it??.

    I’ll have to come back and visit your place again.

  12. MaC 12.9.2003

    I was always partial to “people are strange”… I did a report on “No way out” in my junior year. My Dad (who raised me on the beach boys, Arlo Guthrie, and the royal guardsmen) was shocked…

  13. MaC 12.9.2003

    appypollyllogies, the book was “no one get’s out of here alive”

  14. G. 12.9.2003

    I can top you all. A handful of years ago my cousin wanted to rent the movie “Help,” so she went to the video store and asked for it. Conversation:

    cousin: Do you have the movie “Help?”

    clerk 1: “Help?”

    cousin: Yeah, you know, the Beatles’ movie.

    clerk 2: The Beatles made a movie?

    clerk 1: Who are the Beatles?

  15. sean 12.9.2003

    Not really caring who the Beatles are, okay…not knowing, that’s unfathomable. Are these Appalachian mountain people?

  16. G. Oldielocks 12.9.2003

    I don’t think the generation gap is narrowing. I think it has huge gaping holes!

  17. Angel Girl 12.9.2003

    my mother raised me on Manilow and Neil Diamond – thankfully I somehow stumbled upon BOC’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” one day and progressed to the Doors. Throughout high school (‘87-’91), I lived, breathed and cried Jim Morrison. I’ve never met anyone who knows “Crystal Ship” out of context, much less loves it! I love them all, but “Love Her Madly” still gets to me.

    (I know I love my husband dearly and always will – know why? Because when we met he said “Who’s Jim Morrison?” and I said “It’s a damn good thing you’re cute!”…

  18. G. 12.9.2003

    Jennifer, I keep thinking about what you said about your mom. I’m 50-mumble years old myself, and I think your mom is fucking Out Of It. Being over 50 is no excuse. The Doors, Zeppelin, and the Beatles — that’s OUR music, us Boomers! Tell her I’m going to look into having her Baby Boomer license taken away.

    Alternately, I suppose, we could make her sweat, make her groove…

  19. wade 12.9.2003

    All hail, LADY JETT!!

  20. Sgt. Mac 12.9.2003

    You don’t have to tell an old dog about “Former” Marines, but I like the X factor….Mainly because he is still in reserves and could be called back….After two wars, I like the finalty of an X-Marine.

    He can be a “Former” Marine to his buddies…;)

  21. melly 12.9.2003

    Okay, too many people are commenting. You’re going to freak Jett out.

  22. Johnny T 12.10.2003

    pooching lips inward is cool


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