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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 11, 2003 || 8:38 pm

I know I’m pale, but I ain’t dead yet.

Last…final…tomorrow. Then I work all day, then I get naked and crawl under the covers and sleep for four days. Then I run around like a maniac some more, getting ready for an art show next weekend and three different family Christmas gatherings (baking, WHHHEEE!). Then, on Sunday, I will aim the lovely little Saturncar toward the Delta and mash the gas as hard as I can until I get there. I’ve already put the Superior Children on notice: “The first one to start bickering gets pushed out of the car, and I’moan not even slow down before I do it.”

My friend AmyBeth called me today to let me know that Sam reported this to her matter of factly.

“I kinda believe her, Miss Amy. My momma’s crazy.”

Well, at least the boy is not laboring under any illusions.

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  1. crazy lady 12.12.2003

    Well, I see you’re job as a parent is complete. Congratulations! :-)

  2. Leslie 12.12.2003

    HAHAHAHAAHAH! Funny. Mikey was on the phone with his dad the other day and he was singing “I think my dads gone craaaaaazay!” to him.

  3. Johnny T 12.12.2003

    All children of crazy parents should be fully aware of their situation. Anything less would be uncivilized.

  4. Don 12.12.2003

    As the old line goes,

    Insanity is hereditary — you get it from your children.

  5. Bob 12.13.2003

    Just make sure the kids don’t gang up and push you out first. And be sure you aim the Saturncar toward Corn Flake.


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