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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 4, 2003 || 1:33 pm

No real point to this post….

….but I thought you people might need to see something sweet. These are my wee (second) cousins Benton Lee and Molly. Their momma, KerriAnn, sent me their photos via e-mail this week. Benton (on the left) is sweet and quiet and unassuming while Molly is all spitfire and noise and ‘I’ll do it My Byself!” I love them and their momma (adore them, in fact); I don’t get to spend enough time with any of them.

I can say one thing for certain: If we Superiors don’t do anything else right, we sure do make pretty babies. This is just a minute sampling….there’s a whole mess of us back home.

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  1. Gary 12.5.2003

    Since no one seems inclined to spill on this picture let me say that they are precious. Is this what a young Jett looked like?

  2. waistdog 12.5.2003

    Are them cute thangs being twins?

    Or are my eyes just fooling me.

  3. Sgt. Mac 12.5.2003

    What I seen….

    Them two cutie chillins out on a hay bale….

    What I thought I seen….

    3 Plastic full sized horsies on the back of a flatbed trailer….w/o the hay….

  4. paris hilton 12.7.2003

    look like inbreds

  5. melly 12.7.2003

    I am having jett withdrawals.

  6. melly 12.7.2003


  7. waistdog 12.7.2003

    Paris may well have visited….but I bet Nicole had to type it for her.

  8. Jett 12.7.2003

    Gary, I was SO MUCH CUTER than even that! Modesty aside, that is.

    waisty, oddly enough, noooo….but their mother is one half of a set of twins.

    Sgt Mac, I’ll have some of what you’re having.

    Dork-ass Pariiii, inbred or not, I’m sure they positively outshine you from an intellectual standpoint! whee!

    melly, I KNOW! all the cool cowards come HERE, to MY blog! (and newness soon, I promise. the man is boggin’ me down from a time standpoint)

    waisty, again….GOOD ONE!


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