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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 22, 2003 || 12:40 am


Perhaps you didn’t know it, but ‘back in da day’ I was a pretty competent singer/songwriter. I imagine I still might be, but I’ve not flexed those muscles in a bit.

Tonight I was cruising some of the random CD-Rs I have stashed in desk cubbies, and I came across one that I’d transcribed most of my lyrics onto.

I’ve written a fistful of songs that make me laugh like ass. For your delight and amazement, here is one of those:

// my heart //

saw a star before i went out

made a little tiny wish

you walked past, i spilled my beer

& that night my heart went SQUISH

my heart went squish, my heart went squish

just flattened in my chest when i saw you

yeah, my heart went SQUISH

the first time we had sex

up in my pink bedroom

(i never thought that it could,

but) that night my heart went KABOOM

my heart went kaboom, my heart went kaboom

just up and exploded when you touched me
that way

yeah, my heart went KABOOM

it stunned me when you said ‘we’re through’

and were gone just like that

the world spun around, the colors ran dry

& last night my heart went SPLAT

my heart went splat, my heart went splat

just flopped on the floor and sorta twitched

yeah, my heart went SPLAT

Now I ask you, why did I never snag a wreckchord deal?

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  1. Don 12.22.2003





    That’s the story of my life, too.

  2. Gary 12.22.2003

    It brought to mind that old standard, written and recorded by Mason Williams of “Classical Gas” fame. “You Done Stomped On My Heart And Mashed That Sucker Flat”

    If he can get a record company to release that you still have a chance.

  3. Valerie (Kyriosity) 12.22.2003

    I don’t think the culture could handle the subtle profundity of your lyrical genius. ;-)

  4. Sgt. Mac 12.22.2003

    Whole stationed in England, 1966, a friend-a real guru of record collecting, and I happened upon a oddball record dealer in ol’ London Town….

    Title of said Album;

    “Don’t let the Snot run down your pants!” Actually an album not a single….If they could release this, than why not a Kaboom, Splat, Splat…

  5. peter 12.23.2003

    Haha! I always knew we were kindred spirits for a reason … now i just have to see how much Greyhound fair is from here to there and back again and we’ll practically be re-enacting the Lilith Fair… well, except, i’m not a girl — details, details.

  6. James 12.23.2003

    Dammit!! I know that song is gonna get stuck in my head!! Thanks alot. ;)

  7. I love the title to this post… Marty McFly is ‘The’ Man. In an old, but good way.


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