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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 20, 2003 || 3:20 pm

Spirit and smiles

“Okay,” I said to Sam yesterday while we were at the grocery store, “we’re on a mission.” I had just turned from the cashier, having wished her a Merry Christmas.

Sam likes missions. He perked up to listen.

“From now until Christmas, we’ll make it a point to wish everyone we interact with a Merry Christmas or happy holidays. Don’t be loud and exuberant, just smile nicely and in a regular voice wish away. Lots of people are in a hurry and they’re grumpy and they forget that Christmas is about sweet spirits and kindnesses. Are you with me?”

Apparently he is. He reports stats to me periodically: “That’s eleven so far, mom.”

“Ahhh, Sammo, you’re doing a great job.

I’ve been employing the same methods. Most people are hurried and ignore me, or brusquely return my wishes, disinterested and disingenuous. Some look wildly startled, as in, ‘Oh yeah….it’s Christmas, after all.’

But others, oh others smile sweetly back at me and say some variation of ‘And to you, too.’ and we connectly warmly and briefly.

Scout is in charge of today’s baking, saying early-on to me: “I know how to do this Momma, we’ve been doing it since I was born!” The kitchen looks like the site of a Great Flour-Based Disaster, and the dining room table looks as if the Sprinkles War To End All Sprinkles Wars has commenced. The first batch of sugar cookies turned out a strange pale-gray color, as well as remarkably flat (they are supposed to be near-white and fluffy). Hell, I figure if we use enough frosting (which I will make myself, telling her she is far to busy to), the fellas will choke them all down. They’d eat a plate of dirt if you put enough ketchup on it.

She feels important and happy, and that’s all that counts.

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  1. waistdog 12.20.2003



  2. Valerie (Kyriosity) 12.20.2003

    Hey! How ’bout ketchup-flavored frosting?

  3. Jennifer 12.20.2003

    I’ve been trying to do the extra-nice holiday greeting thing for the last week. I work retail; I know how tough it is. I really feel good at the number of people who seem pleased by this. It’s such a small thing! Keep up the good work!

  4. red clay 12.20.2003

    it’s mustard, honey.


    you done eat dirt with ketchup.

    evrybody eats dirt here.

    white clay, kaolin.

    it’s what’s for bretfass.

  5. Haaaaahahaha. So true Jett. I operate under the philosophy of Joey in a Thanksgiving episode of ‘Friends’ where Rachel accidentally mixes a meat pie with a trifle. “Wha’ts not to like? Meat? Good…. Cream? Good…. Custard? Gooood…. Peas? Good…” etc etc.

  6. unmute 12.22.2003

    ketchup=gravy in a bottle

    i once pondered an extensive gravy post, pointing to things like salad dressing and men’s cologne that are used like gravy but, in fact, are not.

    merrr krisma.


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