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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 10, 2003 || 12:43 pm

Thanks, you’re a pal.

At present, I am taking a final in one of my classes, but the network is B..O..G..G..G..G..E..D…….D..O..W..N..N..N and taking forever to load this’n'that, so I’m reading all your blogs (I see that many of you have not updated, hmph) and just generally fucking off on the InterWeb.

Don’t tell, okay?

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  1. waistdog 12.10.2003

    I won’t.

    I promise.

  2. Sgt. Mac 12.10.2003

    Spekin’ of which I forgot to mention to you that I started another one… http://kidsink.blogdrive.com/, if ur interested.

  3. guy 12.10.2003

    You can have Internet access when taking a final? Sheesh!

  4. unmute 12.11.2003

    i urpdated yesterday, and urpdated today. a big ass one, too, if yeh kin jiggle yer heiny over to visit.


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