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And He spake, saying, “Thou shalt not float down the river of Blog Iniquity into Digital Selloutsville.”

To answer Angie’s question, these are the Bloggies.

True stawry: In a careless fit of pique, I actually went over there to nominate some folks. Folks that are worthy; weblogs that otherwise would never have seen the light of day where that whole Bloggies shebang is concerned. I painstakingly filled in all most of the iddy boxes and, in looking for a specific URL, managed to accidently jump the page forward. When I hit the back button on my browser, all the iddy boxes had been cleared.

I cursed and bit my knuckles and even threw things carefully considered (over a few minutes’ time…when I say ‘carefully’, I mean carefully) whether or not to retry the whole deal, and just as I was looking up yet another URL so that I may proceed, I caught an error that said the window I was working in would be closed.

“Awright,” I told my machine, “you do what you gotta do, ole pal.” and it promptly shut down every fucking window I had open. This was a first since I’ve owned this particular computer, and surely a sign from the God O’ Interweb that I should not proceed with –nay, even entertain– such heresy.

Thus, I am spared from blatant weblog sinning. Even so, it’s such a shame; so, so many of you coulda been contenders.

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  1. melly 1.12.2004

    PUHLEASE. I was so nominated two years ago.


    I’m very charming today, you should give me a call. OKAY THEN WHATEVER.

  2. sugarmama 1.12.2004

    I didn’t even try to fill out the form. It was so daunting, just looking at it.

  3. The Dane 1.12.2004

    So, does this mean, I can vote in your place? Hm, or is this the sort of thing that happened last year?

  4. Sarge 1.12.2004

    I was gonna vote, but one of the chads got Pregnant and had to go to the hospital….I waited around a bit, but never got another chance to vote….

  5. peter 1.13.2004

    I’ve been excited about the Bloggies before, but last year just served to illustrate how pointless they are. Aside from all the cheating from last year, Fairvue is perhaps the most glaring “used to be hip and now is irrelevant” blog on the internet, and the nominating period has once again failed to be open long enough or publicized appropriately.

    The whole affair leaves a rotten taste in my mouth every year.

  6. Jett 1.14.2004

    See, peter, that goes to prove a point. I’ve never, ever visited Fairvue and am completely unfamiliar with it.

    I wouldn’t have even attached the Bloggies to it, really.

    So cool is subjective.

    Except, of course, in the case of me. I am inarguably cool in all respects. >:o)


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