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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 6, 2004 || 12:16 pm

Furthermore, I know I should care but I just don’t.

I can’t get my shit together today.

And school starts again tomorrow.


/sarcastic fury

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  1. waistdog 1.6.2004

    They start school on a Wednesday?

    What a crock!

    That’s the middle of the damned week!

  2. sugarmama 1.7.2004

    Yup, my classes start tonight also. Fun stuff.

  3. Smart Ass 1.7.2004

    Wow! That Lizard Lady really worked wonders on your site. The change is so subtle, it almost looks like your old site.

  4. Jett 1.7.2004

    What the FUCK are you talking about, anonymous coward?

  5. Jettomatika 1.7.2004

    …and it’s SMARTASS –one word, not two–, dumbass.


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