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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 23, 2004 || 10:33 pm

Heads up, fellas.

One of the sites (hi, sweet J-Mo) on one of Davey’s servers was hit with a DDoS attack yesterday.

Read all about it, and then tell all your bloggy friends, especially ones that heart MT.

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  1. jen 1.24.2004

    hiya cuteness ;-)

  2. Sarge 1.24.2004

    Scratching my head?

    DDos…That bird that was extinct so long ago?

    Server….That gal in the bar that used to serve us drinks?

    Blacklist…..What they did to the movie stars in the 40’s?

    alrighty then I will alert all my friends……

  3. waistdog 1.24.2004

    Someday I hope they’ll come up with the technology to be able to track down the attackers at their homes.

    We can pay them a visit.

    Tell their momma’s to take their computers away.


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