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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 19, 2004 || 11:15 pm

“Here am I making sure you get your share…”

I admit it! I watched VH1’s ‘Bands Reunited’ tonght. I tuned in on a whim, and much to my delight, the attempted reunion of eighties band Berlin was the series lead-off. I used to love this band with a passion (due in great part to Terri Nunn’s nummy voice) and grieved when ‘Take My Breath Away’ was tagged for the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack. I knew for the most part that it would be the beginning of the end for them.

I adore their album ‘Love Life’. It has the proud distinction of being one of the first compact discs I ever owned (I bought it on cassette as well), thus making it one of the oldest in my collection from a purchase standpoint. It’s one of those albums that, when I pull it out, I listen to obsessively for a couple weeks because it’s just so damned good from start to finish (while I’m thinking about it, ditto for INXS’s ‘Kick’). Oddly enough, I unshelved it about two weeks ago and have been shimmying around the house to it since then.

It’s strange, the way their reunion touched me; maybe this marks me as a geezer, but I fully related to the trepidation of reuniting with someone that has been placed at a distance because of time and geography and (most importantly) emotion. You know in your heart and entrails that it could be magic or maudlin, but you’re not quite sure which: ‘Welcome to the cliff. Now please step off and see if you are dashed to smithereeeeens. Oh yeah, there’s a chance you could float, as well.’

sidenote: M’dearest Dave Diamond, You are the FIRE for kissing Nunn’s tits upon first seeing her again. Love, Your Pal Jett /sidenote

I’m glad these guys got together. It made my day, in a strange sort of way. In another curious bit of serendipity, I see that Romeo Void is the next episode (I look forward to this one, as well); on my way back from my parents’ after the holidays, I happened to pick up one of their albums for two bucks at a little shop on the edge of nowhere. It seems the yokels don’t appreciate punchy, engaging lyrics, YAY ME!

I’m liking the notion of this series, and fully plan on tuning in for the Flock of Seagulls (they played 5 Points Music Hall back in ‘96, which I garnered free tix to), Frankie Goes To Hollywood (another one I pulled out a couple weeks ago…it’s been eighties flashback month here in the World O’ Superior, I swear), The Alarm and (ooooh, torn on this one) maybe even Extreme episodes. Not that I watch much, anyway, but finally something tasty in the stagnant pool of teevee!

Nothin’s gonna top the Berlin show for me personally, however. Terri Nunn, you be looking goooood, girl. And John? Your self-conscious reticence was sweetly endearing. Thanks for the fresh moment, y’all, and for the musical memories.

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  1. and the award for Least Controversial Post ever goes to…

    what are you not on?

  2. Sarge 1.20.2004

    I saw the advert for this thang, but entirely missed the show…Too bad so sad ;(

    I would have enjoyed the Berlin flashback although my style goes back to the 60’s and 70’s…

    Like youse, for the past month, I haveabeen on a musical rennisance of sorts, carusing the web for oldies…I have a post about Dancing with blondes…reflecting on some of this…..

    Must be the moon or somethin’?

    Rock On!!!

  3. Ryan Waddell 1.20.2004

    Dammit, I wish we had VH1 here! Grrr! Stupid Canada! I hope we get it up here soon, but it seems like we get VH1 specials about a year after they come out.

    PS – I totally agree with you about INXS’s Kick album :)

  4. waistdog 1.20.2004

    Don’t tell Melly this, because she thinks I’m a young stud-muffin…..

    But I think the Geezer stuff may be better suited to ME.

    I somehow missed the 80’s.

    I don’t know what I was doing?

    May have been the pill that made me small?

    But most of the groups listed for that show, are foreign to me.

    I’ve heard the tunes.

    And some of the names of the groups.

    But they’re vague to me, at best.

    I DID however watch the show.

    And liked it.

    Even though I had no idea who the people were.

    Plus reunion get-togethers for groups I remember, wouldn’t work well, because I think most of them are dead!

  5. Bakelite Lung 1.20.2004

    A Flock of Seagulls had the RADDEST hair of the 80s, fer shur.

  6. sean 1.20.2004

    FOS would be interesting…I can only ever remember hearing “I Ran” back then. They had full albums?


    I want to see a special on bands from the 80’s that just won’t die. Like every so often I see ads for Ratt or Cinderella playing a dive bar here in LA.

  7. sean 1.20.2004
  8. red clay 1.20.2004

    like they could ever make an album worthy of pleasure victim.

  9. Joe 1.21.2004

    Wish I would have known about this tonight! Will have to catch it later I guess.

  10. Lili 1.21.2004

    I adore Berlin and actually saw them perform about 5 years ago at a local lake. Terri looked amazing and her vocals were astounding!

    I love the groups that they are trying to get, but I am a huge fan of that synthy-ish 80’s musak!

  11. Patrick 1.22.2004

    I am in the same boat, the Berlin episode had me from the first second it came on, besides the point Terri could sweep me away at any time, she is in my top 5 of all time.

    I haven’t watched last nights episode yet, somehow Flock of Seagulls still scares me at this point.

  12. Sarge 1.22.2004

    I happened to see the MTV thang this evening for the first time. The reunion was Climax….Was a wonderful program bringing together back the group for a reunion and reliving old times….of reliving old times…something that I seem to do on a regular basis anymore…


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