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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 7, 2004 || 11:57 pm

“Hmmm. Twelve hours ago I was getting laid. Now I’m getting fucked.”

That’s what I was saying at two o’clock this afternoon as I stood in the (insipidly long, long, soooo long) line at the campus bookstore, tabulating my impending purchases in my head.

My God, how I love the bookstore, even if it does mean that an assraping of the highest order will occur when I finally triumph over the evil, snaking line and make it to the checkout counter.

:: my bookbag hanging in a bathroom stall, sweetly devoid of noxious, overpriced product ::

Look, I know that texts are (sometimes) necessary, but if I’m gonna pay a hunnert-fifty bucks for a book, I expect that it should have nigh on six-hunnert pages and feel like something a brickmaker has had a hand in crafting. And gilt on the cover. There should be some gilting, damnit!

There is a bit of a deficit in the amount I will need for books (like a fifty percent one) so I’ve considered two things:

1) selling one of the Superior children into servitude (look, I’m waaaaay fertile; I can make more)

2) busking on the sidewalks outside of the student center. I’m thinking free-form poetry, most likely dirty limericks. Or moody haiku, which is in many ways more offensive.

Okay, back to the drawing board, although I may just do the busking thing for kicks. I’m fuckin’ wacky like that, yo.

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  1. Teresa 1.7.2004

    My husband is finishing up his MBA. He went full time since he got laid off last year. I feel your pain. The whole thing is… nope not even gonna start. Good thing is – he’s done at the end of January – hurray! No more school bills! So, it does end eventually.

  2. pawz 1.8.2004

    see, now other people just put paypal buttons on their sites!!! ;-)

  3. Jett 1.8.2004

    Well THEN what would I have to write about?

    Poverty and drunkenness are the two biggest topics around here.

  4. Gary 1.8.2004

    When I finally graduated I was broke so I sold my textbooks at a 90% loss and went and got drunk. Does that about cover this?

    Books are a racket. I did an Adjunct Professorship at a local community college and was advised to write my own textbook, sell it for $35 and double my income per semester. I have a problem gouging students so I declined until I found out the alternative text was $55 and wasn’t near as comprehensive as the one I was writing. I sold it for $20 though and pissed off the other professors. I was not invited to any faculty functions thereafter.

    Skru em!

  5. tis I 1.8.2004

    well at least you got laid…

  6. Jett 1.8.2004

    Yes, tis, there is that.

    There is ALWAYS that! woo!

  7. sugarmama 1.8.2004

    Yeah, why don’t you beg like all the other… uh, I’m going to shut the fuck up now, before I say something really mean.

    I buy and sell my books on Amazon. The college bookstore in undergrad school made me so mad that I refuse to partipate in that scheme again. However, Amazone isn’t much better. Their cut is huge, they NEVER give you enough for shipping, and they charge the customer more for shipping than they give the seller to ship it. Go figure.

  8. waistdog 1.8.2004

    I chose to stop my schooling with high-school.

    The money I saved on books and education could then go towards drugs and hookers.

    I spent it all on drugs, and had none left for hookers.

    So I got no education, and didn’t get laid.

    But NOW I be an entreprenuer.

    Which is French.

  9. Sgt. Mac 1.8.2004

    Firstist…..I can’t believe you took a pic in the girls shitter…The puck green wall clahses with the purple…or is that Lavender? door…Congrats on getting laid, even if it was twelve hours….I like waistdoggy never made it past the high school phase…fore I could get to drugs and hookers, the military sent my ass overseas….After that never had enough money to buy a damn thang!

  10. Jettomatika 1.8.2004

    ‘Girls Shitter’….niiiiiice.

    …and the wall was a vibrant yellow, thankyouverramuch.

  11. Johnny T 1.9.2004

    That is a classy bathroom. Is this a day care or something?

  12. biz s. 1.9.2004

    I like how you worked “laid” into that last comment.

  13. Jettomatika 1.9.2004

    hidey, mister stone. welcome and stuff. ’bout time you showed your (type)face.

  14. Bob 1.11.2004

    Then there’s the selling of sexual favors for a substantial fee…. I know the sex drive is there and the void of emotional contact. You would be excellent. Only take former high school chums as clients or “johns” as they are known in the business. Hell, I would be your manager or “pimp”, as it is known ..in the ..business..

    Did I cross a line?

  15. Jettomatika 1.11.2004

    Bob: two words: CARTE BLANCHE. hell, you were subjected to my mother’s speech; that gives you a certain immunity. >:o)

    you only crossed one if you drew one. I shouldn’t have to remind you of this.


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