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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 1, 2004 || 1:28 pm

I rang in the New Year by commencing my menses.

This does not bode well for the lot of you.

UPDATE, two pee emm: You know, now that I think about it, I don’t believe I imbibed enough last night. I still feel perky(ish) after only four-and-a-half hours of sleep and in spite of being on my period.

I believe I’ll take advantage of the ThreePack’s continued absence and start whirlin’ up the tequila and ‘rita mix RIGHT…NOW.

Then I believe I’ll get out the lovely and empowering (yet somehow quite feminine) sander I got for Christmas (HOOFUCKINGRAY FOR POWER TOOLS!) and commence to strippin’.

A drunk woman somewhat competently refinishing an antique dresser. You cain’t tell me you know anything sexier than that.

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  1. Sgt. Mac 1.1.2004

    Being a Carpenter of some note, I would luv to see the fab Jet in her Flannel jammies sanding the heckouta an antiki dresser.

  2. waistdog 1.1.2004

    I believe the Jett wears the floral panties for sanding.

    I could be wrong, of course.

    But I always save the flannel’s for miter box work.

  3. from Diesel Sweeties:

    My name be MC Menses and my flow be fresh.


  4. red clay 1.1.2004

    i hope you aren’t using the GOOD tequila in the margeritas.

  5. Joe 1.2.2004

    Happy New Year!!!!

  6. Crazy Lady 1.2.2004

    Must be the year for power tool gift giving… I got a sweet DeWalt drill all purty and yella. Husband keeps saying there’s another power tool he wants give me, too, but he has to go buy batteries for it first. I can only hope and imagine what that tool might be. :-D

  7. Sgt. Mac 1.2.2004

    Sorry bout’ that, but forgot to check the comments on my new blog….Yes, the page layout is their template, but the banner, text and the pics are all mine….;)

    Although none of the gals are decked out with power tools or flannel jammies, or even floral painties, I am on the lookout for a tool time girl with yella tools and assorted equipment…lol

  8. Leslie 1.2.2004

    Happy New Year!

    I agree with you…you just can’t beat women with power tools! Errr…well…maybe beating them could be fun too…Okay…I’m over thinking this! Love ya’. Oh and Art for charity stuff is somewhat up! Go check it out

  9. lizard 1.2.2004

    *gasp* you’re not supposed to refinish antiques, at least according to the antiques roadshow!

  10. Lili 1.2.2004

    They make power sanders??? I always did that shit by hand….no wonder I never finished!

    Happy New Year and hells yes you should use the good tequilla! If you run out I’ve got a new bottle just waitin’ to be popped!

  11. melly 1.2.2004

    You know what would be even hotter? Not having mentioned the whole menses bit. Then again, you are like hard core. I’m more Red Shoe Diaries Soft Core.

  12. Jett 1.3.2004

    SMac: Alas, I own no flannel jimmerjammers. Guess you’re ass-out on them there pitchers.

    waisty: How very perceptive of you. One must balance masculine pursuits with quiet femininity. That, and it’s TOTALLY unsafe to go commando whilst employing power tools.

    Wretchedee: You certainly know how to grab a gal’s attention.

    red: Momma didn’t raise no fool. Three Generations will confirm that.

    Joe: You’re still coming around! Happy New Year to you, as well, doll!

    CL: They make batt’ries big enough for jack hammers? REALLY?

    Les: Take your freaky behavior elsewhere, chile. Or just call me and tell me about it in detail. >:o)

    liz: I’M SOOOO THE REBEL, girl! That, and AR hasn’t seen the atrocious manner in which this thing was painted. And repainted. And repainted again.

    Lili: you are a woman after my own heart. Only I no longer have the Claw Hand from manual sanding.

    melliloulou: You KNOW it.

  13. trish 1.3.2004

    Happy new year.


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