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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 13, 2004 || 3:34 pm

Lemme just save some time and effort for a lot of folks here.

This is a post rife with controversy! It has bold speculation, sweeping generalizations, and something offensive for everyone! It is deceitful, overly-honest and sweet. It’s hostile! It panders and jabs in turns.

It is riddled with inaccuracies and ambiguity! It’s painfully one-sided and grossly waffling in order to garner affection and approval from the Lefties, Righties, and Inbetweenies (weenies being the most valuable part of the word). <--NOW look! It's full of clever insult, as well.

It is jealous of your blog, your dog, your mailbox and your bathroom floor. It draws all sorts of nasty conclusions and pictures about you while coyly licking your boots. It e-mails your fellow Cyberians with ‘not-quite-gossip-but-did-you-hear’ little tidbits.

It’s sneaky. It’s crrrreepy and friendly. It’s dramatic and Fully Ensconced In….something. It’s misleading and genuine.

Frankly, my friend, it Drops Your Fucking Jaw. It should be ashamed and penitent. It should cater more to you. And you. And you. It should backpedal and Rally Others Quietly for their support. It should go, post-haste, and don martyr’s robes, flogging itself publicly until such time as it feels up to flaming again.

It is shameless and tiresome and unaware of its idiocy.

Now respond.

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  1. fish 1.13.2004

    It is… is soooo is!

    Are you letting the loonies rattle your bin again?

    Does someone need shushin’?

    Lemme at ‘em!

    [btw, your card put a rosy glow on our xmas]

  2. Johnny T 1.13.2004

    This response is full of approval and mockery. It has every intention of making you all silly with fame. It will fail to live up the the post it is a response to, yet at the same time the sincere mimicry is a victory in its own right. It may be a little too unoriginial given the context, but originality is way over rated and so in a sense lives up to the expectations of you, and you, and that guy. It is glad that it was included in the ‘yous’ that are being catered to — it wasn’t till the third ‘you’ in italics that it felt truly incorporated. Its favorite part of itself is its own use of the thrid person in reference to itself; dialoge on the use of the thrid person is even more titilating. The possibility of infinatie references to references about using the third person sends it into an orgasmic frensy.

  3. Skillzy 1.13.2004

    From a man’s point of view, I can tell you without a doubt that all guys will find this post arousing, but it will leave them uneasy. And every single woman who dares to consider it will be filled with self-doubt, peppered with a desire to dump their current man. I can state this unequivocally, because I know what people should think.

    But we digress.

  4. I love everyone

  5. waistdog 1.13.2004

    I abhor that I adore it.

    And like that I hate it.

    While being disillusioned by the conclusion while extrapolating the solution, that it adds up to more than it can be, while being less than it is.

  6. Bakelite Lung 1.13.2004

    Damnit Jett, this time you’ve gone too far and crossed the line. This really takes the cake. It beats all and is beyond the pale! It’s enough of a slap in the face to gag a maggot or a red-headed stepchild.

  7. Sarge 1.13.2004

    Hey! I am sitting here at my puter, all of 10:00PM…A tiny two year old, brown eyed blonde is lying comfortably on my desk, tiny feet perched upon my scanner, body tucked under a pink blankie, head propped on a soft couch pillow, sipping red juice….

    We just got done rocking and rolling to some fifites and sixties oldies and what a blast….

    Oh shit, I forgot what the hell this comment was for…Anyway, one old man, one very cute little blond, rockin’ the night away to the oldies…Damn!…Why do you never have film when this kind of moment happens!

    This kind of thang is what life is supposed to be!!! I am one fuckin lucky old man….(Grin!)

  8. Sarge 1.13.2004

    As Jett would say…ppppeesss

    Oh yeah, and whatever the blog entry was about…Iama for half of it and again the other half….?

  9. Leslie 1.14.2004

    It’s a Christian!

  10. MaC 1.14.2004

    I think that a great taoist monk summed it up when he said,

  11. Jett 1.14.2004

    fish: you know me; I observe the bullshit for about as long as I can stand it, then every six months I have to yell about those that participate in it.

    Johnny: Your response was PER.FECT.

    Skillzy: way to tie in two unrelated things workably!…and I love the ‘WE digress’ at the end. Marvelous!

    Richardee: we know.

    waisty and bakey: EXACTLY.

    SMAC: off-topic!!! OFF TOPIC!

    Leslie: SHAME ON YOU. (not cool) I’m getting tired of all Christians being viewed with a cynical, ugly eye.

    MaC: I’m thinking that this should be a standard comment for every post, because as cheesy as it is, it did indeed make me laugh very, very hard.

  12. sugarmama 1.14.2004

    LOL. Skillzy.

  13. Sarge 1.14.2004

    I don’t care if it was off-topic, it was cute as all get out!

    The topic was?

    Like Blue eyes….dislike McGyver it, like southern audio, dislike southern interpretation of good ol’ songs, like personal stories, dislike things I don’t fuckin’ understand, like your friends, dislike that one idiot who thinks to know you from a blog is to love ya….

    I thinks thats bout’ it…..

  14. Leslie 1.14.2004

    hehehehe…sorry I couldn’t help myself!

  15. The Llama 1.17.2004

    I say that any post that sends my chum into an orgasmic frenzy is beyond success. I envy that… yooooooou bitch.

    ::sigh:: Nobody’s ever gone into an orgasmic frenzy over anything I’VE ever written. Especially not JT.

    I’m going to sit and rethink my lifestyle.


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