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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 12, 2004 || 10:03 pm

MacGyver It, round three

A tuning fork, a half-smashed ping-pong ball and an empty plastic checkbook cover…MacGyver it!

Bonus item: A used ‘Hello, I’m…’ badge sticker-thingy with the name ‘Frederique’ written on it in blue sharpie.

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  1. Sarge 1.12.2004

    Today I’d rather stick the tuning fork in my ear , get half-smashed, throw the ping pong ball at the ass that almost hit me at a four way stop, and shove the plastic check cover in that damn tube that zips stuff from your car to the bank pissing off the bank clerk…Other than that, McGyver it!@

  2. i don’t know why you give us such easy ones

    the solvent in the sharpie, the adhesive on the sticker, and the plastic check cover contain enough explosive polymers to blow the dome off the Taj Mahal. so mix them all up in the ping pong ball, and detonate with the resonance of the tuning fork.


  3. Jettomatika 1.13.2004

    That’s been the best one to date, Chud.

    Blowing stuff up is always sexy.

    Puh-lease, yersef.

  4. Leslie 1.14.2004

    Knowing I have no invite to the White House Luncheon…

    I place a used name badge on my shirt that has the name Frederique on it as I saunter to the man attending the door. He asks me for my invitation and I tell him that I’ve lost it, as I pull out my tuning fork to say “I’m with the band”. Of course once he sees that he allows me in the front door.

    It’s a shame that I can’t afford to pay for this charitable extravaganza. I just wanted to see who would be there. As the folks are walking around accepting donations I pull out my empty check book cover and yell “Oh no! My checkbook is gone!” I point my finger at Bush Sr. “You!” I say. “Did you take my checkbook???” as he is looking suspiciously nervous, I turn around and glare at Cheney. “What about you???? SOMEONE SEARCH THIS MAN!” I scream.

    As they are dragging me away…I take a half crushed ping pong ball and throw it right in between Bush Jr’s eyes. “Good shot” one of the security guys says as he throws me down the stairs.

  5. Jettomatika 1.14.2004


  6. gjoe 1.15.2004

    You know, its funny that you mentioned that, because just yesterday, while I was tuning the rest of my silverware, this 5-inch-tall bald man jumped out of the checkbook.

    Sonofabitch was wearing the ping-pong ball hat.

    Now that’s some coincidence!


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