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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 25, 2004 || 10:22 am

Official Call For Entries

Okay, if you are a longtime reader here at [Abuantg.], you will recall that I posted some of my more light-hearted, flippant lyrics just before Christmas.

Welp, darling Muffinasses, I’ve a reader contribution to share with you because of that post. Yes indeedy, our own theDane (upon whose site I just got through yelling at and berating someone for their idiocy, if you like to see that sort of thing; he did a neat play-by-play of it and EVerything! also, I hepped him with PhotoShop Tennis, which is an awesomely cool thing) jumped right on those lyrics and recorded his musical interpretation of them.

I can’t get over how much theDane sounds like theDuke when he sings, especially in that first verse there. It’s utterly amazing.

Okay, let’s wrap this up. If the rest of you yayhoos lovely folks want to take a stab at ‘My Heart’ (AHHHHAHahaha, I kill me!), I fully invite you to and ask that you send me the results. If I have, say, four or more submissions (including theDane’s), we’ll make a little contest out of it, whereupon the entire Kingdom of Superior will turn out to vote, and the winner by popular opinion and wholesale bribery of yours truly will be eligible for all SORTS of prizey goodness!

Ready, break!

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  1. Bakelite Lung 1.25.2004

    I don’t have an entry, but I wanted to applaud your beratement. I agree with you on all points. Particularly: “Another problem with swallowed THC is that the psychoactive side effects may be more intense than those that occur from smoking.” No snit, Snerlock. ;^)

    And I think the Dane is wrong when he says that “abusive drug use is prime evidence of a life that is already ruined.” I am absolutely no Limbaugh fan, but I think his experience is a prima-facie case against the Dane’s statement.

    (There are many more subtle and more interesting arguments to be made against it, but sadly I don’t find that “subtle” and “interesting” discussions generally win the day.

  2. The Dane 1.25.2004

    More properly according to my experience and perspective, I should have said, “Abusive drug use is prime evidence of a life that is already ruined or well upon the road thereto.” You may not agree with this anymore than the other comment, but I’ll stand by it. I don’t really see how Limbaugh’s case offers prima-facie evidence for much of anything. And by the fact that it isn’t immediately evident to me how his experience is evidence against my statement, it clearly can’t be prima facie.

    But Bake Lite! You missed the best part of the post! Wasn’t that just the coolest song?

  3. Skillzy 1.25.2004

    It is so on…..give me a few days to get it recorded though. It’s a toughie, the words don’t “flow” for me.

    I’ll probably pour my heart out, only to have some guitar-pickin pretty boy steal the contest. Guess that’s a risk I can live with.

  4. john 1.25.2004

    My connection is keeping me from hearing it for another 20 minutes, but I couldn’t resist adding to that thread.

  5. MaC 1.26.2004

    depressed that The Duke needed a link…

  6. Jett 1.26.2004

    I know, right?


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