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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 6, 2004 || 12:05 am

Open letter to a specific quasi-celebrity, oh yeah.

Dearest Ryan Dunn~

Would you mind terribly if I sat on your lap?

Facing you?

Whilst eating a lime popsicle?

Just thought I’d ask, thanks.

Fondly yours,

Jett “For Some Odd Reason You Stir My Naughty Bits” Superior

pee ess: melly says she’ll put out for Bam if he and Jenn ever split, ‘kay?

peepee ess (for my readers, really, but you can check it out too, hunky Ryan):

You like it fast and strong and you drink for one reason: to get piss-ass drunk!
Congratulations!! You’re a shot of some good old
hard liquor!

What Drink Are You?
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Really now, are any of us surprised?

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  1. Crazy Lady 1.6.2004

    I’ve never once lowered my standards whilst drinking tequila. However, the floor may have been raised once or twice or ten times.

  2. Dean 1.6.2004

    What does it say about me that I found the lime popsicle to be the most titillating part of your offer to Mr. Dunn?

    I LOVE tequila. Too bad I can’t drink it any more. My stomach won’t let me.

  3. waistdog 1.6.2004

    I don’t know who Ryan Dunn is?

    I guess I need to get out more.

  4. Don 1.6.2004

    As the T-Shirt said,

    “One Tequila

    Two Tequilas

    Three Tequilas


  5. so this is where my naughty dreams come from

  6. Sgt. Mac 1.6.2004

    I don’t know who the fuck this Dunn guy is either? Maybe another shot of Tequila with a chaser will keel me over, slamming my head to the floor and jogging my noggin open….Or…..Do I give a shit….Nada….

  7. Hands up who doesn’t know their Jackass characters people??

    Personally I find Mr. Dunn whiny and annoying. And I hate him. I feel no stirring in my naughty bits when I think of him. Just thought you’d like to know.

  8. Lili 1.8.2004

    Dunn kind of reminds me of Hyde on That 70’s Show….

  9. Jettomatika 1.8.2004

    Hyde is fucking HAAAAHHHHT.

  10. Jettomatika 1.8.2004


  11. Bob 1.11.2004

    Okay, anyone else putting lime popsicle and tequila TOGETHER? What a night that would be!!!!

    BTW, for future reference to any loose ladies who don’t mind married guys…I was a Screaming Orgasm…hhmmm…..tasty…if ya know what I mean…eh hnh hnh hnh


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